Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lush Crush: Buffy Body Butter

Hey ladies- quick Friday morning product review for ya!

I have been crushing on Buffy from Lush since I bought it! It's amazing- one of their best products in my opinion, and several other people's, and a MUST HAVE if you have dry skin. My skin tends to be normal most days, but my legs seem to get "ashy" during winter months. This body butter exfoliates and moisturizes like crazy.

It contains cocoa and shea butters (to soften and moisturize), ground rice, almonds and aduki beans (to exfoliate).

Seriously, when I use this it feels like there's a protective film on my skin- and not a slimy or grimy film. The first time I used it, I just rubbed it on in the shower and rinsed away, just like you would with a soap. I cleaned with my regular body wash first and just used this to mouisturize- a few hours later I went to wash my hands and the WATER started beading up! THAT'S how moisturizing it is. Some people may not like that feeling- but to me, it's not greasy and is perfect for those spots that need extra hydration.

You can purchase it in a small and larger size- The small size being more wallet friendly at about $11 bucks.

LOVE, love this product!


Big Pissy said...

Sounds AWESOME! I'll have to try it! :)

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