Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hee Hee - My first blog award- How awesome :-) Thanks to the lovely Natalie!


So 7 random facts about me, huh? Here we go...

1. I'm an only child. And I never wanted brothers or sisters. I think I would have been happy with some as I got older, but when I was younger I was very much content having the toys and attention all to myself. Even though I am an only, I'm not a brat- Spoiled? Sure. Brat? No. And trust me- I have only-children friends who do fall under the bratty category ;-)

2. I've never had a boyfriend. Maybe this isn't weird to some, but to me- it is. Sure, I've dated and been on dates, but never had a serious-serious boyfriend. I think, however, it has really made me appreciate being by myself and having "me" time. I know that I can live by myself and support myself and my loves in life. I'm 26 and can honestly say I've done so much already- I think Mr. Right is just waiting for the right time to surprise me. Let's hope.

3. I get grossed out by certain words. Tummy, tasty, yummy, gooey, cuisinart...I. CANNOT. STAND to hear these words spoken. It takes all I have to type them without making a nasty face. I'm not sure why this is- maybe because they sound like something you'd coo to a baby. lol. But I just can't stand to hear these words. of course there are exceptions to this rule- It just depends.

4. I need to have sound when I eat. May it be the radio or TV or a LOUD humming of the fan- anything to drown out the sound of people EATING. If I hear someone eating I can't eat. Therefore, I need sound when I eat.

5. Anthropologie is my FAVORITE store, ever. But I'm sure this was a given. Funny thing is, I never really liked it only a few years ago- it seems, to me, their style has taken a turn for the better- and maybe my style has changed for the better as well :-)

6. I always out my right shoe on first. I wouldn't call myself supersticious.......or would I? If I do this, I guess I am. Somewhere I heard, a looong time ago, that you should always put your right shoe on first for good luck- To this day I will NOT ever put my left shoe on first. Even when I'm trying on shoes in the store, or if my left shoe is the first shoe accessible....nope. Won't do it.

7. My childhood habit of twisting my hair, has followed me into adulthood. If you ever saw me when I was a kid, I had a toy in one hand and my finger twirling my hair in the other- and I STILL do it. If you know me you can tell if I'm either tired, thinking or bored- because I'll be twisting my hair.


Anonymous said...

I always put my right shoe on first- it just feels "right" lol :)

Big Pissy said...

OK....if a young woman as beautiful and accomplished as you has never had a serious boyfriend, all those guys out there are missing out!

I think you need to be the next "Bachlorette"! Seriously! :)

prettyface said...

Nancy- BE MY GUEST! Sign me up for The Bachlorette. I won't turn it down! :)

Big Pissy said...

I'm all about it! Going to research how to go about doing it! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, you would not like my blog name then!

I didn't have a serious boyfriend until I was 28!

prettyface said...

Inmytummy: no worries! I don't mind reading the words--just hearing

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