Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday fun and earaches??

I had a wonderful weekend-- My 26th birthday was Sunday and myself, decked out in my pink birthday girl sash, and everyone I knew in DC came out to celebrate-- OK... exaggeration, but it was a fantastic time!  Had some friends from Alabama up here and that just made my night.  If you live in or around DC or know the area, you know where Adam's Morgan is-- basically a strip of clubs, bars and hangouts--it's such a fun time, and you can never get bored moving from place to place. We all stayed at a dance-y type place called Madam's Organ most of the night, however.

In other health news, I've been having major issues with my ears!  I have had roughly 3 or 4 ear infections/aches in the past TWO months!! Crazy, yes.  I've been on antibiotics TWICE....and I'm putting off seeing an ENT until I am back in Alabama, only because it's so close to being that time and if I for 
some reason need tubes in my ear to drain out the fluid that's supposedly in it, I'd rather be settled somewhere, ya know? It hurts like crazy and more importantly drives me nuts....boo. Anyone else out there have annoying earaches as an adult?

So, yeah--21 more days until moving day-- so excited about moving into the house! And scared about the shit that'll be piled into my car-- will the loot I've accumulated since being up here all fit into my car?? Oh...I will MAKE it fit. ;-)  I've already started packing stuff into my car. LOL. I promise it's not that I dislike it here, it's awesome always offering me so much to do, but personally-- I'm jus
t tired of living out of a suitcase.  Me AND Brady are ready for a yard and a place to call "Home" :-) (lotsa cheese there...haha)

I'm starting two-a-days tomorrow morning if my ear doesn't hurt bad enough-- cardio in the AM and strength training after work.  Will keep you posted on how that goes.  I miss hearing from all of you! Lemme know you guys are still reading and leave a comment below :-)


Me, left, and the other October b-day girl (October 22). 
(Please excuse my round face. Eww)


You look really pretty in the pic! Have you lost weight? You look like you have for sure. I've just been trying to eat at home more and out less...I think it's really helping me.

prettyface said...

Hey girl!! No I definitely haven't lost any weight-- I've actually gained a few pounds and, like you just said, it's because of eating OUT!! Being here in DC on TDY is killing my figure for sure. It's hard when everyone wants you to go out and eat with them, etc etc. But luckily I don't have much longer to live this way. Glad to hear from you :-)

Eve said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yeah, I love watching the Biggest Loser, obsessed with it!! Love your blog too! Happy belated birthday! Hope you feel better soon! :-)

aww pretty birthday girl!! I'm reading breaking dawn also!! and i get ear aches a good amount. I hate it! I haven't been to the Dr about because I'm scared of them and I've been pushing it off but I guess I should go soon lol!

Victoria said...

I hope you had a great birthday!! good luck with the two a days! I wish I had motivation and time to do that

Haha I love the sash! It's adorable.

Big Pissy said...

You look gorgeous as usual, birthday girl! :)

Ear aches SUCK! Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

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