Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 2 of P90X: Plyometrics + Flooding in GA??

I'm originally from Alabama, guys, and this flooding in ATL?? IT'S boggling my MIND!  So weird to me.  Has this ever happened before? No idea.  But I hope everyone I know who lives in that area is fine. Fitting Back In: I know you are. YAY! :)

I have never seen this in Atlanta before. Please avoid Freedo... on Twitpic

So, on to the hard stuff.  This week I'm taking a Strategic Communication course at Georgetown in place of the usual work week--not bad--got done around 5:00, came home and started Plyometrics courtesy of P90X.  It was hard, guys.  Not gonna lie.  Add in the fact my chest, back and biceps are sore from yesterday's workout and you have a next to impossible workout. I did manage to do most of the moves, but the way its set up is you do 4 sets of different plyo moves.  You do each set TWICE. Gheeshhhh.  Lots of jumps I could NOT do. LOL Kinda funny imagining what I looked like do a cheer-like jump. BAHAH! I felt great after the 58 minutes though, and took my happy little butt to the tanning bed.  Two thumbs up for getting back into a routine :-)

Tomorrow is Arms and Shoulders + AB RIPPER (AKA: DEMON).  Are they serious? My abs are incredibly sore from Monday's Ab Ripper session.  That thing was intense. The thing I've picked up about P90X is there is very little rest.  You're constantly working--which is a good thing once you get into the swing of the program I'm sure. I'm excited to see how I do three weeks from now.  It's nice to look back and see what you accomplished strength wise.

Now I'm just enjoying my after workout protein shake, about to pop in Britney Spears: For The Record. Love some Netflix.  And yes, love me some Brit Brit. I must say, however, that I saw her Circus tour twice and this past time a few weeks ago just wasn't up to par as the first go-round. Blah. Although she did do a kick-ass r
endition (LIVE might I ADD) of Alanis' "You Oughta Know". LOVE that 
song. Yes yes yes. I leave you with a photo of her killing that song....Goodnight ladies.


I am okay! haha Gotta love FB - I actually stayed home today. Couldn't bare another 2 hours in the coche! Brit did you oughta know? No effing way! "Ab ripper" - that sounds painful!! Glad you're liking it - minus jumps. hehe

im in tuscaloosa and the rain is definetly getting a little old! but no major flooding around here!

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That time I interviewed Britney
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