Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout Update

Hello lovlies!  I am happy to report I've done well with diet and workouts this week :-)  Thanks to Christy for sending a new diet my way from Sweet Home Alabama.  

My weight workouts aren't yet up to speed.  The gym here apparently has lack of a good air conditioning system, so by the time I'm done sweating it up with cardio, I'm dying in the weight room...feeling like I'll pass out at any moment.  geez.

Next week will be mid-way through the course I'm taking. HALLELUJAH!  But, assignments are about to pick up.  I think one week we have 10 things due. Yes, 10.  It's intense, but I'm learning tons about my profession.  

My favorite band ever is playing in DC Tuesday-Better Than Ezra, so me and a fellow intern will be hitting that up.  Then HOME Thursday through Sunday!  I'm very excited about that...even though, some things have changed....and the one person I was most ready to see, isn't an option.  Damn heartbreaker.  I hate him.

Hope everyone is having a great, productive week, whether it be with workouts, clean eating or just daily life.



Nerd Girl said...

ugh stupid boys!!!! glad everything else is going well for you :)

use the angst and frustration from that guy to fuel those workouts! you're kicking fanny lady- keep on dominating!


BOO on the AC... and the boy. Ass. I'm SO GLAD your visit is soon though - I know you must be thrilled! And Better Than Ezra? I'm TRES jealous - "maybe i'll call or write you a letter... maybe i'll see you on the 4th of July..." I would LOVE to go see them!!

I did a fitness post today. Just for you! I'm flattered you asked me for my routine!!

Have a good time in Bama!

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