Monday, April 6, 2009

Migraine, migraine go away...

Yikes...migraine from hell this morning. Enough said. Not to mention this weather has my sinuses in a funk. Ow!

Did anyone catch the Country Music Awards? I'm not that big into country enough to watch it, but I saw Keith on EARTH....did I NOT see how gorgeous this man was before tonight. geez. Had me open-mouthed drooling on my couch. (So maybe the earring can be chucked, but otherwise...)

Moving on...if you all do as much online shopping as I do, please go to and check out that program, if you haven't done so already! Man, I can;t believe I just found out about it. Getting PAID to shop? That's what I like to hear! I especially love ebay deals, and everytime you shop there, click through ebates and you get 3% money BACK on the item you purchased. pretty cool huh? I already made $5.41. Woo!!

heheh, I'm laughing this morning because the Queen told me I should post what I did manage to shove into my suitcases. I thought about doing just that to show you guys, for kicks, but I wouldn't know where to start. Once again, however, I did manage to dwindle it down and consolidate some more. Now my duffle bag is empty, but I still have more to freaking pack! GEEZ!!!!!!! HAHA!!

When I was trying to drift off to leep last night I was freaking out about how I was going to cook my lunches and meals when I move away. It's the fear of the unknown really. I have no idea what I'll have access to for the first two months, and what if I don't have any sort of STOVE?! I know I'll have a microwave and mini fridge, but I need a stove! That's where I cook egg whites and fish and chicken...ughkjgsdkjgsd. Can you cook egg whites in the microwave? *sigh* I'm stressing. LOL About my food. Reminds me of this body building show I was watching last night, and this woman was telling the story of how she flew to her friend's wedding with 101 chicken breats in her bags for her meals...she was in training for a figure show. She went on to say normal people would think she was nuts.....I knew exactly what she meant....

Stress, stress go away....


hope your headache goes away and you have a good day! I saw the CMA's...or some of them.. I like seeing people all fancied up!! I've heard about ebates but didn't know too much about it. Think I'll try it!!

Erin said...

You can def. cook egg whites in the microwave, if that alleviates some stress! You could also get a hot plate, I know it sounds semi-pathetic but it could work!!!

Nerd Girl said...

this is where i come in...see i cook EVERYTHING in the microwave hahaha so let me know if you want any tips!!

Jane said...

Migraine's are the worst!

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