Sunday, March 29, 2009

I may have lied. I have to FALL onto the toilet....

Thank you BodyPump for FINALLY showing me that I can challenge my legs again. :-)

My legs, being the one body part I'm absolutely happy with, were given a kick in the ass at BodyPump. I'm feeling it today. My quads feel like they were rubbed and squeezed until the muscles started to scream. Feels great!!! I'll definitely be taking tips away from that class regarding leg work.

Happy Sunday! I just woke up. Lazy Sunday's are love. Here are a few photo's from this week, I just randomly took here and there...

Here's my typical meal plate. I love asparagus! SO much. And tilapia breaded with wheat germ and baked is my new favorite way to prepare it. Brady made it into the picture as well. :-) He was begging...

Brady and his highly guarded new Chewy beggin strip.

I picked up Pom Juice to try. I loved it of course, but later I'm pretty sure it was the cause of my weirded-out stomach. eek! I probably won't buy it again soon, even though it's supposed to be good for you, because of the HIGH sugar and carb content. Gosh dang!

Made this recipe this weekend, Turkey Enchilada Casserole. It's so amazing and cheesy. It's probably not something I'd eat regularly for weight loss, but a treat is OK! Find recipe HERE.

Everyone brace yourself. Here comes Monday!! Ugh! ;-)


Erin said...

Haha when I read this title I knew exactly what you meant by falling onto the toilet. It takes mad skills, lol.

That Turkey Casserole looks soooo good...yummmmmmmm

*Irene* said...

Yum, that looks sooo good!

Eve said...

Awww, Brady is soooo cute! And the turkey enchilada casserole looks delicious!!!

way to kick some booty with the workout and with some healthful food on the weekend- I am so bad, after a saturday AM workout and a healthy breakfast, I'm like Miss Piggy for the rest of the weekend. total glutton


Kari said...

curious to know about the fish. I've never heard of someone coating it with wheat germ but I have a whole bag of it at home and a whol freezer full of fish so I'd love to know more.
did you dip it in egg or anything before the wheat germ?
I love POM juice too but yes it's too sugary and costs way too much!

I love lazy Sunday's! I've never tried POM juice. I always look at it in the grocery store. I might need to pick it up next time.

I am drooling over that casserole! Ahh!

Sorry POM gave you stomach issues :( I tested some out a while back and loved it mixed with club soda.

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