Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nutrition bars for your consideration!

I wanted to get creative with it :)


*Irene* said...

I only wish I could look that good after the gym. Thanks for the info! =)

boo I can't watch at work - will watch tonight!! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

A.U crack me up. Girl if u lived in Tuscaloosa, we so would be hanging out.
B.I have been scared to try those bars, but I am so going to get them, and
C. I say sooo way to much too! lol!

Anonymous said...

GIRL! i'm so glad that you have invested in my favorites: boca's and hummus! seriously, it really doesn't get much better than those two things, unless of course you put them together. ;) now you just need to try vita-tops and i can guarantee you will be set for life!

love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

as far as the vita-tops and vita-muffins go, i'll just give you the website! it'll give you a better idea of what the fuss is all about... and i think it has a store locator so you can find stores by you that carry it! they are usually found in the frozen foods aisles by waffes and other breakfasty items! sooooo good, and good for you! lots of dietary fiber, low in calories and fat and DELICIOUS!

and sugar cookie sleigh ride is a seasonal tea by celestial seasonings, but you can purchase it all year long as their website! it tastes just like sugar cookies. :)

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