Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes...third one for my first day of blogging...

What's the record for most blogs written in a single day? :-)

I just had to share that running is NOT my friend right now...or rather my right knee and shin is not. I've had some issues with my right knee since participating in a 3K last October. My poor body isn't used to running outdoors on hard asphalt and that's all there is to it :-( So doing so, reallllyyyyy messed up my knee. It was so bad I had BRUISES on my shins...JUST from the running. From that day forward I've been wearing a ugly, stupid knee brace from Wal-Mart when I run. HA! So attractive :-) Crazy....

So, yeah, did a class at work called Tabata today, then hopped on the treadmill, for what was supposed to me just a mile walk/run. Then the pain in the shins started. It hurt so badly. Came home, skipped my precious tanning bed session and iced my entire lower leg.

Does anyone else have this problem? Not just shins, but the "runner's knee"? It's the DEVIL!

P.S. - Does anyone know of a good low-carbish chicken enchilada recipe??!?!


Big Pissy said...

Oh! Tabata sounds cool! I've never heard of it before. :)

Be careful of that knee. No point in injuring yourself.

Check with fittingbackin on the recipe. She's has quite a few. :)

I've never heard of it either! I have a chicken enchilada recipe, but it's not low carb. :( I guess it would be without the tortillas... but that's kind of a significant ingredient! Let me know if you want it!! I think we're making it next week??

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