Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am NOT just another pretty face!

My very first fitness/weight loss blog!

I'm so excited!

Ok, so technically I do some light blogging on my myspace account...mostly about what's happening in my life, sprinkled with small stories about my fitness journey--but for the avergae Joe, reading about how long I ran on the treadmill or how I almost busted my kneecap at the gym doesn't really interest them.

I've always been a lurker on weight loss blogs, jotting down other people's t
ips and recipes, but never wanting to take the time to set up an account. :-) Sure, I can be lazy-I admit it. Just a few days ago, however, I stumbled upon Fitting Back In's blog. I started reading and found her writing to be so fun and motivating--then I saw her photo and realized I recognized her and that we had mutual friends! SMALL WORLD! I mean--from just a random weight loss blog search? Really?

Therefore--I'm HERE and ready to share my angst/happiness/pain/struggle/success with you all.

I'd like this first post to be an introduction of sorts...I find numbered lists to be easiest and satisfies the perfectionist inside me. HA!

1. I love to write--it is, after all, my profession, so I may tend to babble and blog randomly about nothing or everything!

2. I'm 25 years old. Born and raised in Alabama. Do I have an accent? Not really. I guess the most reasonable explanation is that I lived near an Army base so growing up I was exposed to so many different people.

3. The love of my life at the moment is my Chihuahua, Brady.

4. The title of my blog may raise a few eyebrows and lead you to believe I'm...conceited, possibly? Not so. It seems my entire life I've been told I had "such a pretty face". You ALL know the saying--in other words, "You have a great face--lose weight". As a child I was slightly more overweight than my peers and to be honest I'm just made big! LOL Of course at that time, all I saw was a fat girl in the mirror and not reality. I won't overuse the term "big-boned"--even though I AM, in all honesty. I have broad shoulders, natural muscle tone, long legs (I'm 5'10!) and am quite sturdy, my friends. In high school I was never the girl boys wanted to date, because I wasn't the gorgeous, thin ninny (who are all now overweight and lazy. Odd isn't it?) Around my senior year of high school and my college years I began getting fit, working out regularly, eating right...Which has led me to where I am now. Grown into my own skin and overall happy with who I am and what I look like. Nowadays, I'm not afraid to tell my weight. Who cares?! I try not to bother with the scale--as great of a tool it is, it can cause some slight depression! LOL...especially after a big carb slip-up. Most people are shocked to learn my true weight anyway. They're usually off my about 20 pounds. Hey! I'll take it! :-)

Instead of weighing everyday, I weigh myself every week or two weeks and take my measurements religiously! That, in my opinion, is the best source of tracking weight loss. Oh, that and body fat analysis. Here at work, we have a "life center" trainer who will gladly take our body fat percentages for us. It's amazing to see those numbers reduce over time.

5. My main purpose for this blog is to have a tool where I can easily track my workouts and what I eat...and of course mingle with everyone and share ideas. So please feel free to share anything. (Especially recipes! I LOOOOVE getting new recipes! Preferably low carb *hint hint*)

Check back later for a blog with my current photo, my lowest weight photo and heaviest photo. As well as my current diet and workout routines. YAY!!


welcome to the blog world! we have sooooo much in common. I too have heard many times, too many to count, that i would be so pretty if i would jsut lose weight. We have the exact same weight loss goal as well. Good luck. I look forward to reading more!

prettyface said...

Hey heathermarie--So glad you took the time to read my blog. I really am excited about starting it--but'll have to pry myself away during work hours. OMG. Haha! I'm going to catch up on your blog tonight I do believe :-)

Big Pissy said...

Hi! I've read your comments over at fitting back in (she's my daughter, btw :-) and I wanted to come over and say "hi" and welcome to blog world! :)

You're off to a GREAT start!

Oh, and you don't just have a pretty face, you're BEAUTIFUL! :)

Hey!! I'm so glad you're getting all set up - the blog looks GREAT!!!And yes, it's a freaky small world - but i'm so glad you found me. :) Your pupper is so cute! I talk about mine, little Reuben the shih poo, often!! I love the title of your blog and my mom beat me to it - you are beautiful - not pretty!! :) Looking forward to reading - i'll add you to my blog roll, too of course!!

prettyface said...

Awww fittingbackin: YOU guys are TOO sweet!! Thanks for the support with my new blog! I'm just itching to write more, but figure I should save some, right? haha

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