Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have food, will travel......Fantatsic recipes attached :-)

First thing is first--I'm FRUSTRATED. I feel like I've made no progress this week on my workout program. Every other week I feel "lighter" or "stronger", but this week has just made me want to pull my hair out. I haven't lost a single pound nor can see any new muscles. LOL! To add to that--being TDY next week with not a whole lot of "MY" food really bothers me.

I think my diet needs tweaked. Christy seems to think it's time to switch things up, maybe add more calories or something. We'll see...........

In more exciting news......

My Pink Tommy Suitcase I found on SALE at Ross! Great find! Yes, somehow I've fit all of my belongings for 5 days into a 21" suitcase. The only other sized suitcase I own is HUGE and don't feel like lugging it around all week!

My food stash. Let me tell you guys--those Kashi bars? FANTASTIC! Pre
tty high in carbs, but one every now and then won't hurt.

I was digging through my Oxygen magazines (BEST fitness magazine in my opinion! No frilly sh** between these pages...) and found this recipe! Can't believe I skipped over it. I've made this before and it was SO good!

Off to watch The Miss America pageant...not much else on! have a GREAT rest of the weekend! Next time I blog, will be from L.A.!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, Found your blog, love it. I'm from Bama too. Youre doing great with your weight loss. Keep it girl!

Love your luggage!! Too cute! No way could I pack that strategically - you're my hero! And good for you for packing your food - smart girl! Um, i'm trying that recipe THIS WEEK - thanks for posting!! Can't wait to hear about your L.A. adventures - have a safe flight. :)

Anonymous said...

how tall are u?

prettyface said...

Hey heather---I'm 5'10!

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