Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet my new neighbor, Ray.

Have I mentioned to you guys that weird shit happens to me?  Maybe the people in my life just lead “boring” lives, or perhaps I’m too extroverted for my own good sometimes and I welcome the weirdness, but I really feel like my life sometimes reads like a good comic strip.

I moved into my new place (LOVE IT) about two weeks ago and I think I’ve miserably failed to mention anything about my new neighbor.  My new, interesting and colorful character of a neighbor, Ray.  Good ‘ole Ray.  

The day I signed my lease, before any box had even been moved in, I had innocently asked my landlord about my neighbors.  Just for my general knowledge, ya know? I needed to know if I was going to need to go outside with a baseball bat if there was a potential for snot-nosed kids hanging around my car (Kidding. Kidding. Kinda.)

Liz looked at me and asked, ‘Why? Do you know Ray? What do you have with Ray?”


“I don’t have anything with Ray. I don’t know who Ray is. Should I be concerned?”

I met Ray the next day as I was hauling in boxes from my car.

And let me tell ya….Ray is a TALKER.

I had a huge box in my arms, feeling like baby in Dirty Dancing, as I let Ray talk my ear off.  It was only a 15 minute conversation (I timed it because once he opened his mouth I knew this was going to be interesting.), but in that short 15 minute time span, I learned:

Ray is my Dad’s age (52) with eight kids.  FIVE under the age of six that live next door.  Cute kids. His dad was a two tour Vietnam vet. He's been married three times. Ray likes cheeseburgers on the grill. Oh, and he's very blunt, according to himself, and appreciates when other people are too.  There were more facts about Ray thrown at me, but frankly I can’t remember. I was trying my hardest to make sure I remembered the most important stuff, to let everyone on Facebook know.  Lol

I didn't (directly) encounter Ray the next day, but he left this box of cookies on my windshield.

Thanks, Ray.  I still haven’t thanked him for those.  Ha!!

The day after I was left the cookies, I saw him and as "we" were talking he spotted a bumblebee. He told me a story about how when he was a bartender he and his bartender friends would dump buckets of ice on bumblebees to watch it paralyze them......"They would just stop because it was so cold....and then....*hand gesture* you could see their little legs start going after a while. It was funny."

Ok, Ray.

That makes him sound weird, but it wasn’t as morbid as it might sound, because you see, the bees were OK after the ice water wore off.

I wish there was some way to avoid him, but usually he;s outside smoking when I come home from work. I welcome new Ray stories, but sometimes I just AIN'T got time for all that!

More to come.

I leave you with some Ry Gos.  Because he makes everything better:


I really like the sounds of Ray! I mean I do understand that it can be annoying when there's somebody who starts talking and just doesn't stop but he sounds like a genuinely nice bloke and anybody who gives out cookies to their neighbour like that is alright in my book! Eight kids is quite impressive though, I don't know how I'd cope with that haha.

Jannie said...

I wish I had an interesting and cool neighbor to talk to like Ray. To this day, I don't really know or even see my neighbors. Hehe... Ray seems amazing. That was nice of him to give you a box of cookies too. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading your post and visiting your blog. Take care. Have an amazing day. :)

HA! I had my own personal "Ray" that used to hang around in front of our condo in NJ. Fortunately, there were two sets of stairs up to our 3rd floor abode. If he was hanging out in the front, I'd park on the side and head up to the back.

Good ol' Ray! I look forward to hearing more about him!! Or if we can ever meet up maybe a Ray sighting of my own!

REBrown said...

We have that too, but in 10 year old kid form named Wade.

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