Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm moving!!

.....but I'm still in Charleston! I'm OK with that. I know in one of my previous posts I talked about wanting to move back to Alabama because I missed my family too much.  While that's still true, I've come to the realization I just have no freaking clue where I want to be or live.  Charleston is a FABULOUS place to live and work, but I just don't think it's for me.  For now, I'm enjoying it and knowing me, I'll be moving in a year or so.  So seems to be the trend.

So, yeah, I'm moving from my downtown apartment into a townhouse in Mt. Pleasant.  More space, less rent, fenced-in yard for the dogs.  I'm an old woman apparently and have my priorities :) Happy dogs = Happy Jenny.

The townhouse is a bit bigger, has a dishwasher and a place for washer a dryer. It's the little things.  Still a two bedroom - gotta have room for my guests!

 Lots of babies and weddings are coming up! My best friend, Amanda, is having her first child in June, my friend Chase is getting married in June and I have two other weddings to attend this year.  I love weddings- mainly for the booze and dancing.  Just sayin'.  Also, I love choosing my date for occasions like this.  Being single has it's perks, mmkay? I get to pick and choose.

OK, some weird smell is wafting in from the hallways....I need to go inspect...... 


I'm excited for you!! I hope you like the new place. :-)

Jenny said...

ANDDDDD- We must must must get together.

Megan said...

I wanna know more about this place!! I am looking right now too bc I need more space!! Was it a craigslist find? Where in Mt P??

Ugh, moving is the worst process but it sounds like this one is a good one for you! More space for less rent AND a yard for doggy are all great things! :)
Hope you're well friend!
xo - Marion

Jenny said...

Megan- We'll chat soon!

Marion- I sure do miss hearing from you!! :) At least we have Facebook. I hope that sweet baby of yours is doing well.

That's good news about the move Jenny. I kind of had a feeling that moving back home wasn't going to happen for now at least, sometimes you can just get urges to make a change in your life that doesn't seem the right answer at the time. Being able to choose your own date is awesome, I swear being single really isn't all that bad at times.

that's exciting!! the new place sounds great - gotta have happy pups!

Val Fox said...

Enjoy all those weddings! And good luck when the move comes!

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