Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Dog Sitting Experience: The ugly!

I'm a pet/animal lover. Absolutely am. I have my two Chihuahua's and love them like babies. So, I decided that since I'm spending Thanksgiving in Charleston by myself because I work Friday (love that, lemme tell ya!) I decided, "HEY! I love dogs and cats. Let me make some extra cash by pet sitting."

I actually got a few jobs lined up to watch and take care of some cats at their homes and one dog sitting job.

Her name is Sophie and she's a Cocker Spaniel. Seemed fine and I even suggested they bring her to my apartment with me and my fur-babies so she would have someone around all the time...Seems fine, right? What's one more dog, RIGHT?

Oh, no, my friends. Oh. NO.

 (Not Sophie. But imagine her looking JUST like this, but wild and crazy and like an OX IN A CHINA CABINET!)

Sophie is dropped off by her family last night- a woman named Jenny and her daughter (loved them!). Sophie seems full of energy and sweet, as expected. She's crated, so sleeps and will stay in it during hours I'm not home.

So, they bring Sophie up to my apartment (which is plenty big for Chihuahua's and I thought sufficient for a Cocker Spaniel) and this is when the madness ensues. Ok...I'm being dramatic. Madness may be a harsh term, but let's just say my inner organized, cleanliness OCD kicked.

Yeah. She is NOT mellow. 

She hasn’t sat once since she’s been at my place. 

Sophie was on the leash inside. So Sophie is tugging and pulling. I have smell-good candle wax melting on my little warmer thingy and she’s tugging at the leash and falls into my hall table where the warmer is and spills WAX all over my table, on the floor, etc. 

Well, in the meantime, Brady, one of my Chi's, is excited and pees all over my rug. He knows better.

THEN Chiva, my other Chi, gets scared and pees on my damn PILLOW! WTF? 

Meanwhile, Sophie is now free and running back and forth from kitchen to front door, messing up rugs in the process, shedding, slobbering, etc. Inside I was FREAKING. OUT. My OCD was making me SWEAT. Literally. lol.

This morning, I took her outside....she did her business.....We come back in and she does her business AGAIN. All over my rugs! Both pee and the poop. 

I know it's a bit dramatic.  And she's a dog, I get it, but didn't expect all this. She doesn't exactly mind either. I tell her to sit or stay and she just runs up and jumps all over me. Constantly. 

I'm watching her until Friday morning- I can’t let her around my dogs because she gets more wound up and crazy, and I definitely don’t want to leave her in her crate all day/night! Poor thing needs to be free! So, my plan is to block off a section of the apartment just for her, with a doggy gate. Hopefully she won’t bark or whine too much and accept that #1.) I need to cook for Thanksgiving tonight and #2.) She isn’t a tiny dog and can’t be running back and forth constantly. I just hope she doesn’t see the dogs on the other side of the gate and whine all night.

I may sound a bit bitchy, but I understand it’s not Sophie’s fault.  Obviously she hasn’t been trained too efficiently. 

This is my dog sitting's gonna be a long Thanksgiving. ha!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 


Lilly said...

I think I'd be freaking out too, except I'd probably be even more dramatic lol
Stories like that make me reconsider getting a dog, as much as I want one. Not sure if I can handle pee/poop on my floors (poor hubby would probably have to clean it up lol).

Jenny said...

You know, for one, she was probably VERY excited and just a bit freaked out to be in an unusual location. BUT, like they say with children, it's different when it's your own. My small dogs are left to roam the home all day BUT they were trained to use pee pads around the house. They never pee or poop on floors unless it's an accident (or in this case, a new dog on the loose!)

Don't be worried- as long as you TRAIN your pup to mind and not be all wild, it'll be wonderful! I promise. This dog I'm watching has obviously not been trained to obey simple commands unfortunately :(

Sorry to hear things aren't going that well already Jenny but I love what you're doing for Thanksgiving and hopefully it all works out, have a happy one!

REBrown said...

Oh wow - remind me to never pet sit!

OMG, sorry to hear about that. It could also be the new environment, unfortunately, I used to dog sit my friend's dog, totally mellow dog when at my friend's, but when over with my dog at my house---another story!

Yeahhhh this is definitely part of why we haven't fostered a dog in a year...the peeing and shitting inside gets REALLLY old after awhile. Hope you made good money at least ;)

Jesus! That sounds miserable. Is the dog normally like that? My mutt went to stay with my husband's boss and kept him up whining to go outside every hour and then ended up dropping a deuce in his kitchen. She hasn't done that before, or since, but I think she had some anxiety. That being said, sitting for a beast isn't any fun either!!

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