Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm a Huge Fan: Britney Spears Episode 2!!

Popsugar's "I'm A Huge Fan: Britney Spears" Episode 2!

"Next up on I'm a Huge Fan: Britney Spears, our winner Jenny is going to immerse herself in the world of Brit! Jenny and her friend Nathan are off to work on their dance skills at Millennium, the studio where Britney herself practices. Jenny also gets to make her own signature scent, mirroring Britney, who has over 10 of her own bestselling perfumes. Of course, Jenny can't be interview ready without the perfect outfit, and thanks to BCBG, she gets just that. Now that Jenny is prepared, it's almost time to meet Britney herself! Check back on PopSugar tomorrow for the finale — and amazing chat with Britney — on I'm a Huge Fan. Thanks to Greylin Collection and Growze for Lindsay's wardrobe."



This is so cool Jenny, it's great to see you having so much fun, I really can;'t wait for the interview tomorrow, how you react when you meet Britney is going to be incredible!

Michélle said...

Omg, that is just crazy cool! I'm so happy you got to experience that!! You look freakin' amaaazing by the way - and actually more comfortable during the interview than Britney herself. ♥

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That time I interviewed Britney

That time I interviewed Britney
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