Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey.....is this thing on?

Wooooo, I've been a little MIA from the blog. I love this blog, writing, meeting bloggers- but I REALLY want a design change. So, if anyone would like to offer their services to me, that'd be GREAT! At a discount. Thanks.

Something smells in this office............just do you all are aware.

OK, so after Month 1 of Insanity (round 2!) I'm down 5 pounds, inches all over and pleased. Things were slow going for awhile, but damn if I didn't BUST my ass. I ate healthy, drank my Shakeology (nothing new, really), rarely drank alcohol (my wine weakness!!!) and worked out most everyday. I think I mentioned this, but I'm definitely OVER Month 1 Insanity workouts. I'm just bored with them. They're still hard as ever, but I've done them so much now that it's time for a change-up. After the second month I'll be moving on to Les Mills Pump. It's exactly what you think it is.....like the Bodypump class at your local gym (cool music, lots of reps, lighter weights) but in the courtesy of your own home, which I enjoy for the sake of time saving.

Last night my best guy friend from High School and his wife were in town so we (with my friend Lindsey who lives in Charleston, too) all went out for drinks. We started out at Social and headed to Vendue rooftop bar. It was a GREAT time, but I got home entirely too late- now I know exactly why I don't go to happy hours the majority of the time. LOL I just can't  hang like I used to. LAME.

OMG at our baby faces!!
I didn't snap ANY photos of me and Patrick (friend from high school) because, again, I'm lame, but here's a throw-back from the good old days.

If you're a Chi Omega or Chi O Alumnae, I'm sure you've seen the Lilly Pulitzer line for Chi Omega. ADORE IT! This tumbler is to-die for and I need it. That owl print is HELLO-gorgeous and adorable. All my owl lovers out there will enjoy this as well :)

Have a great Tuesday- cheers!!


megan said...

Love the tumbler! Go Chi O! :)

Love this post Jenny, congratulations on the weight loss and although I wish you the best of luck in finding a great blog design, just know that it's awesome the way it is currently!

Your night out with your old friend seems like a lot of fun too, it's great to hear that things are so good for you right now.

I love owls so I like that tumbler too!!

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