Friday, June 15, 2012

The Friday Fives

Friday, finally!!

1. GIFS I'm loving: God, how I love me some Britney. Her albums have been on the back burner for Red Hot Chili Peppers lately.  But, soon, Brit-Brit. Soon.

2. Target Dress: I love the shape and colors, but it also has little apples all over it. How do I feel about this?

3. Haircolor: I'm ready to go red. Auburn. Dark red. Whatever. A Change is needed, but I need to let my hair grow out a bit after the hack job I received two weeks ago. ugh. Maybe I'll just buy this wig....

4. Workout: I miss Insanity. I miss working out in general. I'm dusting this baby off after three (eek) months of it being packed away. I have a 10 year high school reunion coming up in October- not that I need a great reason to get back into shape, but it's always a nice incentive.

5. What I'm craving: Because what goes better with starting a workout program again, than cupcakes? My treat will be these two beauties from "Cupcake" here in Charleston. I've determined I'm not a HUGE cake fan. I like cupcakes. Yep. Anything miniature is better.

Happy Friday y'all!!!


LWLH said...

So I kinda LOVE that wig. Love that color! : )

Jenny said...

Right?? I really kinda want it! I'm serious....

Megan said...

I want to try that Key Lime cupcake so badly!! Is today the day that they have it??

Jenny said...

Yep! Today is Key Lime cupcake day!! :) Thinking of going by after work!

Anonymous said...

That chocolate caramel cupcake looks amazing ...and have fun with insanity! I like telling people your reviews when they ask, since I've never done it but it sounds awesome

Jenny said...

Thanks Cassie! That's awesome!

Couple things:
- Love my Britney. I miss her somewhat normal days though.
- I think you should do the wig also! No one will know.
- That last yoga pic is gross. Who bends like that? True fact = I can barely touch my toes.

And Hooray for football season ahead! Not much else gets me as excited as that!

Happy Friday friend!

It's Brittany bitch! Now I want to listen to her all day... Yesterday I went through a day of Katie Perry songs. It was nice!!

megan said...

I'm going to meet with my cake lady today and I haven't been able to think of cake flavors I want since I'm not a huge cake person either. But I think you just helped me - I'm dying for that chocolate salted caramel cupcake now.

Jessie said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!yummy!

Matt said...

So umm, why has it taken me this long to follow your blog? That mistake has been officially remedied.

Also, those gifs of Britney make me a slave 4 her

Wow.. what a great post! :) I like this post a lot ^__^ Britney FAN!

blow up my blog any time! I'm also missing a regular workout routine ... I'll email ya shortly with details on where I live and everything!

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