Monday, April 9, 2012

Target Haul for Summer!!

TWO blog entries in ONE day (SEE BELOW ENTRY)! I can't believe it myself!

I love the look of Target's clothes, but sometimes they just don't fit me right. Either too tight in the arms/back or too short or too....something!

I took a chance and bought a few things online this past weekend that should be here this week! mainly swim stuff, but a dress also :) Here's what I added to cart:

This is technically a swim cover-up, but I think it could pass as a summer dress depending how short or long it is! Super cute!
Love the ruffles and the minty green-ish color of this cover-up!

Striped mint green swim top!! Hangout Fest here I come!!!
 I bought these bottoms to go with the above top. No, they don't match but they COMPLIMENT and I think look cute! No one will see my swimsuit anyway- it'll be covered :) 
 I LOVE mixing patterns.....but not by myself, so I'm glad this dress does the work for me! HOW cute and different! Target made a similar dress line a few years ago or so, that had mixed patterns. I loved this one the best with the navy and polka dots added with the fiesta-like flair skirt! There are other patterns as well!
That's it for now!! I haven't bought a lot of clothes lately because it'd be a waste- I'm shrinking. Shrinking has it's good and bad points, I tell ya. 

What have you bought recently for your summer closet??


LWLH said...

Love it. Especially the bathing suit.
I need to work on my bod before I get into that though.

Love the clothes! I love buying new clothes that fit better, but I HATE buying new underwear and bras.... I mean, they're expensive and the hubs doesn't get into the fancy stuff. He says that it's just coming off anyways. LOL So, I HATE buying that crap and I really need to soon... Awesome job this week Coach!

Taryn said...

Adorable!! I love the last dress!!

Here's hoping you get all of these Jenny, these items are great. Enjoy going to see the Chillis tonight as well, I was really disappointed to hear they're only doing one Irish gig in Dublin this year, I would love to go and see them, have fun and let us know how it was!

I SO hear you on Target's stuff -it doesn't quite fit me right either. boo!

Love the swimsuit though and agree that it totally complements!

Marion said...

Congratulations on 2 posts in 1 day! That is crazy :)
And I love your choices Jenny! Especially the dress with the pattern're going to look so pretty in it!

Happy Monday!
XO - Marion

Swoon, love all of them! I was at Target today swooning over all the summer colors. Need to actually purchase some stuff soon.

Gwen said...

I love the swimsuit!!! I need to find a new one for this year because the ones left in my drawer are...dare I say it...too big! And I'm in love with the last dress. Might have to be ordering that one for myself. :)

ooo i love the first one! so cute!!! and i use beach covers as dresses all the time....bahaha!

xo Kelly


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