Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter haircolor. To dark or not to dark....

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How's it going? Is anyone still reading? What a horrible blogger I've been. Absolutely dreadful. Hopefully you guys are still hanging in there and sticking around while I wait for my life to become cool again- cool enough to blog about something.

I have two "cool" things to dispense to the masses today.

#1. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tickets for their Atlanta tour stop in January? I got 'em. 
Easily one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time, I've seen the RHCP'S once before and it was amazing. Like The Foo Fighters, their concerts never disappoint on the energy. The last time I saw them was after the release of "Stadium Arcadium." I lots of people didn't like that album, but I for one loved it. I'm enjoying their new album, and although its not a HUGE favorite overall, a few songs really stand out. 

Anyway, they announced their first few 2012 US tour stops so quickly I was afraid I wouldn't snag tickets. I never use Ticketmaster. They suck. Even with a pre-sale code, I never get the tickets I want. I highly recommend a second-party ticket vendor such as Stubhub or Ticket Liquidator. Although the tickets are somewhat higher because they're being sold by people who've already purchased tickets, you can usually find the seat you want (if you're like me and NEED awesome, close seats.) and/or a good price for tickets in the nose bleeds if you simply don't care.

So....yeah. 7th row from the stage, baby. Very pleased indeed. Anthony Keidis is my babys daddy....if I had a baby.

#2. I'm darkening my hair color on Friday. But I'm already dark brown? Whatever.
I like my natural brown color, I do, but it needs something. It needs a good kick in the ass. More dimension, more vibrancy....a richer, darker color with highlights. So, this is what I want....

A nice, rich dark with.....what color are Kim K's highlight's?? Sometimes they look red, sometimes brown. Auburn? This is exactly what I want.

This is a photo my hair when I dyed it black myself years ago. I liked the richness.

 My current color. Just blah. Pretty, sure. But blah nonetheless.

I'll post an update photo after the coloring has commenced. :) Wish me luck!

Do you do anything different with your hair color/cut during the season transitions? If so, what? I'm curious!

ALSO, the most important question I have for all of you......if you highlight/color your hair what are your MUST HAVE shampoos, conditioners and products to protect the color???


I LOVE Kimmy K's hair too! I swear she hardly ever looks bad. I've had dark chocolate brown hair before and I loved it. I just don't want to put the $ into the upkeep anymore. Can't wait to see an update on the color!

I don't use pricey shampoos and conditioners anymore (Treseme, Sauve, etc does it for me now days) but when I did, Color Conserve from Aveda was my favorite for not fading my haircolor. It's gentle but still cleans.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the suggestions, girl! And YES....the upkeep is the only thing that has kept me from doing it for so long...but I'm just doing it while I have some extra money to spend on it...Hopefully when it's time for a touch-up I can pay for it again. lol

my dream hair is any of the kardashians. I use tigi dumb blonde conditioner, its for coloured and highlighted hair, it rich and smells like pineapple!

Kelly said...

Those carmel highlights are soooo pretty. Good luck with what you decide!!

Lil' Woman said...

I think that will look good on your hair :)

Anonymous said...

I love the dark hair! But I would definitely add caramel highlights. I just love how it catches the light.
I love the RHCP! I saw them with the Foo Fighters (your dream come true) back when I was like 20, such a good show.

Marion said...

1) Of course still reading! :-)
2) 7th row! Hooya!
3) That color will look gorgeous on you. I love the depth with the warm undertones. Can't wait to see pics!
4) I go a little bit lighter in the summer and a little more darker/rich tones in the winter. And I swear by Pureology's "Super Smooth" line. It's the best I've found...
XO - Marion

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies for #1. Still reading and #2. Giving some great advice :) Will post photos Friday!

REBrown said...

I love the first Kim K picture's color. I've had reddish highlights before and I have black hair and got tons of compliments on it. I'm just too lazy to keep it up.

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