Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to November and BaubleBar Jewels

Like I asked yesterday....WHERE has this year gone? This is my favorite time of year, but also it's so sad, because I really don't like the first part of the year for some reason. It's just boring. Nothing cool really happens until April, really. Wait...when's Mardi Gras? April right? OK then nevermind....oh, and maybe there's St. Patrick's Day, but I've always loved this time of year best!!

I'm sick and, seriously, I'm sweating like crazy right now. Good. Maybe it's that demon sickness melting out of me. Stupid cold. haha

During my sick hiatus from work yesterday I came across BaubleBar. Please, tell me you haven't heard of it yet either. I feel so left behind- I can't believe, as an avid lover of cute jewels (such as Stella & Dot), I've somehow looked over this site. It reminds me of Ideeli and Rue La La online discount boutiques a bit.

Started by two women- this store focuses on affordable items. They cut out the middle man and the result are bangles, cuffs, fun rings and statement necklaces. The other perk is that the more you buy and recommend to your friends, the more credits you’ll get for a free piece!  So start sharing!
Here are a few of my "I want, I want" pieces:


Even if your style isn't like mine, there's something for you there. The pieces run around $30-40 bucks. There are cheaper and more expensive pieces. Check it out for sure!


I'll share with you what I purchase when that day comes. :)

Happy November 1st! Drink lots of pumpkin cheesecake (my personal fave) and be thankful for your family, friends and this one life you're given :) Live it UP!



Marion said...

ooo! I'm seriously loving the purple/gold beaded bracelet. I could see dressing that up or down quite easily. Gotta go check out this site!
Thanks Jenny!
And feel better soon!
Sick = no bueno.

XO - Marion

Tori said...

Mardi Gras is February 21st this year; my birthday week and I'm going this year! That's all I gotta say about that!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those pieces. I'll definitely check them out! Thanks!

REBrown said...

The black bracelet looks really edgy and cool. I've been in the market recently for some cool jewelry with studs (not manly studs - studs studs!).

Sarah said...

These are such cute bracelets!

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