Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perricone Giveaway Winner!!

I really hope these giveaways are tiding everyone over until I feel like regular blogging again. :)

There was only 26 entries. Really? Can you believe that? Well, that just means a better chance for the 27 of ya who entered!

Without further ado.....Random Number Generator has told me that #4.

Congrats to Fittingbackin (aka Kelly!!!)

Hope you enjoy your free Perricone product worth up to $150! (I just sounded like Bob Barker)


Blossom said...

AHhh! I'm so jealous! Well, congrats Kelly!

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'll get back to you on FB ASAP - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Thanks, Jenny! Or Bob. haha you crack me up.

love your style!!
you´re so cute....
follow u =D

I got it today - yay!!!!! Going to begin using it tomorrow!

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That time I interviewed Britney
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