Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm sleepy.

Do any of you get bummed out on Sundays? Man, I do. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that the next day begins another week of work, but I also just feel so blah and “lonely.” I was just telling someone I work with that I rarely ever feel negatively about being single- However, on Sundays, when all I’d really like to do is cuddle in bed or watch a movie with someone, I get VERY blah! Plus, we lost an hour this weekend. That’s never fun for my sleep-loving ass.


I’m a bad blogger. I don’t care. I’m so busy. Everyone and their mamas have a birthday in March. Seriously. Three of my closest friend’s birthday’s are today and tomorrow. My Mom’s was last week. There are three people in my office whose birthday’s are in March. Two of my close friends have birthdays the last few weeks in March. March Madness, INDEED!

This past Saturday one of my said friends, who has a birthday tomorrow, had a wedding shower with her soon to be husband. And so it begins. Wedding season. The same friend has a lingerie shower Saturday, a bachelorette party in NOLA (YES! Love NOLA) April 22nd and her wedding is May 7. I always thought it’d be awesome to be a wedding planner but after only partially helping organize two friends wedding stuff- I. Will. Pass.

My BFF Marion is coming down Thursday for the shower this weekend- Let St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans ensue! Nothing too crazy since I have work the next day, but I so love random holidays in the middle of the week. Especially when you get to drink green beer. Who doesn’t love green beer!?!

Speaking of Marion, I need to share this video I threw together for her birthday (Tomorrow as well!). I hope you all can appreciate a witty, sarcastic sense of humor since this video is full of it. She loved it! We’re a fun couple of gals if you can’t tell from this production ;) Enjoy.


Genesis said...

i feel like because i know you on facebook and know this stuff i have an inside scoop ;) feel mighty special.

oh and i keep forgetting to tell you which bars I had fun at...bourbon cowboy, club 544 (i think thats what it was called but I know it had those numbers) and well everywhere pretty much as long as youre drink enough!

RAW said...

OMG. This Monday was especially awful. I hate the week following Spring Forward. I'm really sleepy, too.

Have fun with all of the birthday parties :)

Veronika said...

this week is actually a calmer week for me from the last two weeks which I'm thankful for! don't sweat it, just blog when you can :)

Robin said...

ugh I HATE sundays. All day yesterday I dreaded today. Completely dreaded. And today wasn't all that bad, I just go around telling everyone I want to quit my job and yesterday I asked my boyfriend if I could take a year off of work. HA! If only.

And yes, one less hour sucks crazy bozacks.

Elizabeth said...

I miss chatting with you!!!! Hope you had a nice week, and better yet, have a nice week! Happy Monday my friend!

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