Sunday, December 26, 2010

This year- I AM making resolutions.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with friends and family, drinking too much eggnog and ripping open gifts!

Did you get that Anthro gift card? Skip trip? Corner TV StandTell me in the comments the BEST gift you gave/received this holiday season!

I've already started planning my Christmas decor for next year-My inspiration is this vintage bulb wreath:

So, the past few years I've done away with the whole "Oohh! My new years resolutions are..." simply because I was cynical. There. I said it. I'm cynical. I refused to be one of those people who made goals and then decided it wasn't something I wanted to stick with and then beat myself up over it for NOT doing so.

This year I've decided I'm making some. 

What are they? I thought you'd NEVER ask. haha! *drumroll* In no particular order:

1. Patience is a virtue......And I don't have any. Every time my Dad says to me, "Patience, Jenny." I glare at him and declare, "I have patience!" Yeah. I guess not so much. I have a problem with wanting things and wanting them right then and there. Mostly because I worry and stress until something comes to fruition. I admire in myself that I realize I'm impatient, but I want to change that habit. I'm not sure how to even begin except for sheer will-power. Any advice from you VERY patient people?

2. Lose these last 20-30 pounds. Most of you know that I've lost 30 pounds this year alone. Great feat, yes, considering I put on 40ish pounds in 6 months back in 2009 (I think it all went to my damn BRA!!!). I'm not exactly satisfied with where my health/body is, but I also haven't been making a conscience effort. I have no room to complain about it because I haven't been sticking to my healthier foods and working out like I know my body NEEDS (not should. NEEDS. I know exactly what it takes to lose this weight, but I've got caught up in life.) This year I'm doing it. 10-15 of those pounds WILL be lost by May 11. Another friend's wedding I'm in is upon me in May. After my best friend's wedding last June I lost so much weight that the bridesmaids dress I wore FELL off me a few months later. That made my freaking LIFE. I want this dress to be the same way....

3. Put away the credit card. I love to shop. There are no doubts about THAT. I love clothes and pretty things. I have THREE credit cards and although they don't have high limits, they're maxed constantly. I spend, I pay down the card, I spend again. That's retarded. I shouldn't have my cards always maxed out. I want them GONE and out mah life. My goal is to pay them off this year. Shouldn't take but a few months, but you don't know how much I love to buy clothes. With this goal I'd like to think of the future children I may one day have- I want to be able to put that money away for THEM...good incentive albeit a "far out there" one.

That's all. What are your resolutions if you've decided to make some this year? :)


Sportsgirl said...

Great resolutions. I made a few last year and I think I only succeeded with one! I don't mind. I happen to be very patient but only with people and making things though. If I want something, I tend to want it NOW whether I've decided I'm going on holiday or want a new dress or what.

Lilly said...

I'm so with on you #1 - I feel like you read my mind or something :) So I clearly can't offer any advice on this one.
Great resolutions!

Great resolutions!! I hear you.

Ashley J said...

I have GOT to lose weight this year too Jenny!!!! We can help each other!

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I usually don't make resolutions either but I am right there with you this year. I would like to lose the last of my weight too, losing 10-20 pounds would make me ecstatic. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want so I think if I pare that back, it should be pretty doable.

I also want to shop smarter this year--buy more investment and long-term pieces as opposed to $$$ every month on random things that strike my fancy at the mall.

And credit cards SUCK! You are so smart to stop using them. They are such a drain on your long-term finances, not to mention the stress of having a balance freaks me out. I avoid them like the plague.


Louise said...

Merry Christmas Jenny! Your resolutions sound achievable to me so good luck with them. I saw you completed a ten mile (?) run a little while back so you already have the base fitness there to pick it up again. Maybe sign up to another event as motivation for your training?

I never make resolutions but next year my goal is to complete Brighton marathon in April. Often the main hurdle is staying injury free to even make the start line!

Best wishes for the new year, I'll look on with interest as you proceed with the resolutions :)

Ashley said...

Merry Christmas! You can DO THIS! As far as purchasing of clothes- have you thought about doing the remixing? I think it'd be a great way to get creative and use what you have instead of always wanting more. My resolution this year is to become more active, I've slacked off and I know that I need to stay active for my back and overall health. I would love to get back into hot yoga, I used to be able to bend into a pretzel and since the accident haven't been able to touch my toes! Best of luck, cant wait to see what you do in the new year! :)

Liz B said...

My resolution for 2011 is to mail friends and family birthday cards. I usually txt or send a facebook message, but everyone loves and appreciates getting something via snail mail. And if you mail a card, I think they would feel special you took time and thought to do so, not a spur of the mment text.

Improving my fitness and losing weight is a goal all the time for me since Im constantly gaining/losing. So I can't really call it a resolution. I think I'm the only person to ever gain weight while training for a marathon! Ugh!

megan said...

I feel ya on the credit cards, I do the same thing! It's definitely one of my resolutions, too.

Jen said...

Girl, these 3 are on my list too!! These plus about 20 other things! ;-)

Happy Monday Darling! xo

Great resolutions, lady!! I'm still working on mine. I just don't know what I want to do next year!!

Great resolutions! I definitely share your credit card one...I love to shop a little too much too!

Sheila said...

I also lost 30 pounds this year and have a final 40 pounds to lose in 2011 :) Best of luck.

hey jenny, love your blog, your posts have a great sense of humor to them!
i like your resolutions, best of luck in achieving them!! i'm the worst at being patient too... i'm all ears for tips!
happy 2011!

what wonderful resolutions!!! PS: I just posted my next FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

Mrs. A said...

Love your blog! <3
Good luck with your resolutions! I know you can do it!! I Dream Of Size 3 Jeans

#1. you and your family look super fun and cool

#2. I love your resolutions and patience is definitely a virtue. I keep telling that to myself that as my mom nags me until I go back to college in 2 weeks. hehe but i love her :)

I made resolutions too :) yay yay for 2011!

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome 2011! :-) I need to loose weight and put my credit card away too!!

Elz said...

No resolutions, just a word-FINISH. I have all these half completed projects, I want them done. Great luck on your goals!

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