Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Sale Day At Anthropologie...

Did you buy anything?

I snagged these two items:

Caballo Falls Dress- ($79.95, Was: $168)Molded & Melded Tee- ($30, Was:$48)

Luckily, these were the only two items I had been wanting for awhile- otherwise my wallet would have been screaming! I got lucky with the Caballo Falls Dress, as it had been out of stock forever! My lucky morning it was in stock in my size AND had a price cut. LA TEE DAAA!!!

When Anthropologie first put out it's Fall items, I wasn't impressed and thought my wallet would get a much needed break this season- "Oh, I'll be sitting out this season"- Yeah, not so much. My wishlist has been added to and added to. *sigh* Thank Goodness for Birthday discounts and Christmas money. ;-)

Happy Tuesday :-)


LOVE the red top...such a hot color right now...youll look great in it!!

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spiffy said...

don't you love it when that happens!! I bought the same tee- great minds think alike :)

REBrown said...

Thanks so much for all your help with chihuahua finding! We're going to look at a 4 year old female doe head today.

PS Super cute purchases!

Copyboy said...

'tis the season to get cool stuff!

Elizabeth said...

Now that dress is super cute!!! Gotta love the sales! :-) Hope you week is going well! Is it Friday yet?!

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