Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help me "Winterize"......

It's beginning to turn cool here (For now. It'll be back up in the 80s next week. Gah!) and I absolutely love the layered look, but it always ends up looking funny to me once I get everything on my body. The colors don't mesh well (they looked fine on so and so, however) or I just feel like a clown.

This is where you all come in. I want you to help me winterize these dresses- if that's possible. They are the same cut, shape, etc. Just different colors/pattern. I have some ideas, and I'm not an idiot. I know how to dress- but I love creeping into other's brains and seeing what they think is cute....So get started!! Leave a comment with links to the items you would pair with these or do a polyvore set. Come on. It's fun!

Anthropologie Vappu Dress

Anthropologie In A Twinkling Dress
Random thoughts: Still in the process of getting my guest room put together. Remember the wallpaper I wanted to put up? The pink and metallic? I keep going back and forth on it. I'm not scared I won't like it, because I KNOW I will...I'm scared it;'s going to clash with something. What? I have no idea. I also need to get several other items for the room: BED (that might be important?), nightstands, lamps, ottoman coffee table (CSN has some cute ones!!), bookshelf....yikes. Hopefully one day before I decide to sell the house I'll have it completed. ;-)


Ashley said...

I keep picturing the Vappu with nubby brown tights - maybe heathered? and brown boots, topped off with a red cardi and belted. That dress is such a blank slate, it's perfect for winterizing!

I know what you mean re: your fear of your wallpaper potentially clashing with something! The BF and I went out of character and purchased a patterned coach and armchair for the living room - it fits in well but we've been having a heck of a time trying to find a rug that will work (it's been like 9mos!). I think if you're pre-planning everything around the wallpaper, you should be fine too, but bold patterns does make accenting more difficult.

I think those dresses would winter-ize really well - tights and a cardi/belt (pretty much what Ashley already said) and I think you've been perfectly season appropriate.

Cindi said...

The in a twinkling dress looks really good with a belt and a winter colored cardi...like plum or brown. And match it with some gray tights...there ya go!

Jenny said...

Definitely like these suggestions- Love the plum cardigan and grey tights idea, Cindi!

What about layering a thin, long sleeved T underneath the dress? Sound like a good idea?

i recently layered a light sable brown long sleeve tee under my *in a twinkling* dress and got lots of compliments :)
if you need some inspiration visit the Kristina J blog and search for in a twinkling dress...
she's made some awesome outfits :0)
hope that helps and have a great day!

Love it! I would def do charcoal tights and a purple coat - TOTAL. I love combining mustard and plum colors. Or even chocolate brown tights and a navy coat!

A. said...

Both dresses would look very cute with a charcoal grey cardi of some sort. And brown boots.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your room makeover! I am so excited for you, I think it's awesome you're going for it!

As for the dresses, I agree that a grey cardi would be really nice with both. I would add a black and white plaid scarf (I'm obsessed!) from J. Crew (lol) to the top dress and a jean jacket, cognac belt and boots to the second.

Oooh nice dresses- me likey.
I agree with others- a nice grey cardy! ;)

Ooh, I think these dresses would wear great into winter! I'm thinking tights + cognac knee-high boots + a cashmere navy cardigan would work well with both =)

Elz said...

I love yellow and gray together. I'd go for the Vappu with gray tights and sweet heels (Mary Janes or T Straps if you have them) and a gray Cardigan or boyfriend Blazer. You might also consider trying a full gray sweater, belted with a boot. I also think a deep navy or blue would look great with brown accessories- did you get the snakeskin belt? With boots or brown heels.

Oh, also, try primary red and blue with the vappu. That would look super retro and chic.

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