Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

I took off this morning to drive 3 hours to Anthropologie- crazy, perhaps...but, it's a long weekend and I had not a thing to do today- Plus I'm sick of buying and returning- I wanted to try on some things to save me some time in the long run. Plus, tomorrow's my birthday. I do what I want. ;-)

I have to say- this trip turned out to be a little disappointing.

#1: The SA's were all pretty rude today. Bitch City up in there- Whatever. I just tried the clothes on and hurried out of their before their negativity sunk into my pores. Keep reading. This means you, Gen.

#2: The clothes were overall horrible. I just didn't really like much of anything. The things I thought I would like, I didn't- some things I thought weren't worth a second glance on the website, I really loved. So odd.So very very odd.

Thankfully, the two items I had my hopes highest on for my b-day discount were FAB!

Birthday Discount Contender #1: Time Gone By Dress
Although this photo look hideous in so many ways, it's understandable, as the largest size they had in this dress was a 10....which is what is on my size 12/14 body. It wouldn't zip on the side- so I'm holding that bia together as best I could. The attached belt was too snug so I just tossed that to the floor. Verdict? LOVED it! The gray color was gorgeously pretty and wintery. In my correct size, I KNOW this dress will be all sorts of flattering to my shape.
Perthshire Dress
LOVE this dress! I know it looks weird in this picture, but again- they didn't have MY size, so I improvised. The left side isn't zipped, you see? So it looks like a big flap of extra fabric. But the asymmetrical hemline, plaid print and overall shape was awesome! Definitely wishlisted for me.
June, July, August Dress
Yes, I'm just trying this on. It's been out for months and it was just OK for me in person. Just a run of the mill jersey dress. I like it, but not enough for the full price.
 Birthday Discount Contender #2: Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat
So, so pleased with this sweater. It's perfect weight for Alabama winters. The color was amazing. I'm definitely buying this.
 Easy Keeper Skirt
Didn't have my size in stock. Surprise, surprise. This is a very tight 10. I liked it- I liked the way it fit in general. Some bloggers complained that the waist was too big while the bottom fit. In my case, I needed that extra waist space- so I loved the fit! But I need to size up! I may think about it seriously come sale time.

 In The City Dress + Dwarf Quince Cardigan
I really liked this dress! It was a tad snug in the 10, so I'd size up (damn boobs), but the fit was comfy and I just threw on the cardigan to show the two pieces. I liked the cardigan, but it didn't WOW me like the red version from months ago did. We'll see how I feel come sale time.
 Acting Out Skirt
Tight. Tight, tight, tight...and I don't have much hip and thigh. This would look great on thinner women, but didn't work for me. ALTHOUGH, it did make my butt look round- which is a miracle because I don't exactly have much of one. It's still on my wishlist, because I think I would like the black color better than this green. Another "we'll see."
 Finessed Sweaterdress
This black sweaterdress was so comfortable and warm, I just wish the skirt wasn't so straight down and close to the body. I carry weight around my midsection, so I like things to flow AWAY from that area- not hug them. On the other hand, the cowl neck and bell sleeves were darling! I'm still consistently losing weight, so maybe it'll fit better in a few months :-)
Konnichiwa Sweater + Light The Sky Chemise
Definitely the surprise of the day- I never even so much as batted an eye at these two online. The color of the sweater is MUCH more blue and pretty in person, than on the website- and the chemise is TOO darling to just wear in the privacy of your own home. Loved the combo together. MUST haves!!
 Early Bird Chemise
Again, I'd wear this out in the spring/summer, not just at home. It was cuteness! The hem goes UP in the middle as you can see below- which I thought gave it a little extra somethin'-somethin'. Wishlisted!
 Wanna see a uniboob? Try on THIS dress.
This dress was NOT attractive. For anyone with a bigger chest like moi, it's a NO. It was unflattering and.....puke. lol. Sorrryyyy. I just couldn't resist doing a little "see my uniboob" pose for ya!

My chest pissed me off royally today- I was bloated and my chest felt like it was 3 sizes bigger today...not conducive for shopping, lemme tell ya.

Hopefully someone out there got some use from these reviews- I know seeing others' always help me tremendously.

So glad tomorrow is a holiday! Sleeping in time----Happy Sunday!


REBrown said...

I love the sweater jacket!

Robin said...

Love your reviews!!! I really like that In the City dress.... I haven't been looking at the Anthro website lately bc I am on a shopping ban and it's just too tempting, but I'm going to go look that one up.

And it's funny that you say you don't have much in the hip and thigh area- that's where all of me IS! Hips, thighs, butt.

The Time Gone By dress looks great on you, too!

Lilly said...

Love the first dress and the black sweaterdress. Also the sweatercoat looks great on you.

MsHark said...

That last picture is so funny! I love your sense of humor. I love the two dresses you liked, as well as the sweater you chose... great picks!

MsHark said...

oh and I want to agree with one of the other posters, that black sweater dress looked really great on you!

Copyboy said...

all too pretty to have a favorite.

Jenny said...

Thank you guys!!

REBrown- YES! I'm definitely purchasing it, I've decided

Robin- Yay! I was hoping you'd like my reviews. But don't worry- you're not missing much being on a shopping ban :-/

Lilly- Thanks girl! I ended up buying the first dress just NOW with my Bday discount. It was too cute in the store to pass up. Can't wait to get it here and try it on for real!

MsHark- You're so sweet :-) I'm glad you liked what I like! it makes me have faith in my taste in fashion. hehe. The more I look at the black sweaterdress the more I REALLY do like it more. uh oh.

Copyboy- Can I just say that I'm pretty sure you're the only dude who looks at/reads my blog. That's kinda weird. But I like it. ;-) lol.

Anonymous said...

That sweaterdress is s.e.x.y on you. Pair it with some black boots and hit the town! You looked super cute in the Perthshire dress, too. I loved the sweatercoat as well. I'm glad you took tons of pics. It makes me anxious to go to Anthro (again) even though I've been twice this past week. :/

My favorite on you was the sweatercoat and the sweaterjacket!! So cute!!!

Ashley said...

Loved #1 & I actually really liked the sweater dress! Keep up the good work on your fitness- your body is looking SO, SO good!

Genesis said...

i read the entire

i love how #1 looks. from the last post, i didnt doubt that it wasnt gorgeous in person. all these look good on you.

Sorry its wasnt what you thought it was going to be..that bites!! You look great in that plaid fav:)

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Dea said...

You look great in a lot of these, but I definitely love the Autumn Sweatercoat on you and it'd be great for Southern winters. I should know since I grew up in Fl. Happy Birthday!!!

jacquelyn said...

Great reviews! Wow, I love the sweaterdress but now am afraid it wiil be to short on my tall self.

Pamela said...

I don't want to this sound weird, but you have some great legs! all the dresses and skirts look fab on you (even better if the store wouldn't have proper sizes available!!)

I like the black sweater dress, the sweater coat and those chemises! Wow. great reviews! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

YOU ARE SO CUTE! I love everything you tried on!! You have wonderful STYLE! Send some my way!! :-)

Great pics and reviews - I think the sweater coat is my favorite!

Swati said...

Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat is just made for u lady .. u shd get it

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