Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Turkey lasagna success!

The turkey lasagna I made last night turned out so delicious- and it's good for you!! It'll be my lunch and dinner throughout the week- I love making in bulk when I can! it makes things SO much simpler. Of course I had to try out my new camera on the food!
(* Did I even mention I decided on an SLR? I went with the Nikon D5000 and am VERY happy with the quality and functions)

Creating the cheese filling with the whole wheat noodles chillin' on the side of the bowl.

Simmering the turkey, onions, sauce and spices...

Finished! Cutting it up into smaller portions for lunch and dinners.


I had today off from work for the 4th and I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to relax and do nothing. I love just doing nothing sometimes. I was productive- moving furniture from one bedroom to the other and deciding on decor for the guest room :-)

I've been eyeballing these Dolce & Gabbana 4015 sunglasses since seeing how hot they looked on Evangeline Lily in LOST. LOVE them on her- Hope they fit my face well because I just bought a pair today- my other sunglasses were in dire need of being replaced. Scratched, smudged...just F'd up. It was time people.

Did any of my fellow Anthroholics out there buy anything from Anthropologie's sale this morning? THANKING the heavens nothing I wanted was on sale this week ;-)

Have a happy Tuesday! Short week!


Brittany said...

I LOVE those sunglasses! Now you just need to get your pic with them on haha.

The turkey lasagna looks delish! Good idea for making meals for the week :)

oh wow - it looks so good! I'm all for some big batches to make smaller servings - fabulous! Speaking of fabulous - love the sunglasses and am so happy that you're happy with your camera!

YUMMY! That lasagna looks sooooo good!!! I love lasagna no matter what it's made with. My husband doesn't like turkey and gets all huffy when I sub turkey for other meat...but I'm going to try this and make a believer out of him! ;)

Make sure to enter my Stella and Dot giveaway when you get a chance!! http://sweetsoutherncupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/07/stella-and-dot-giveaway.html

Elizabeth said...

Oh...that looks os yummy!!!! I love the sun glasses! :-)

Mm, mm, lasagna is one of my faves and your dish looks delish!

Congrats on the new camera - I've been in the market for something new (but more of a point-and-shooter kind) but have been too lazy to bite the bullet yet.

Thanks for your comment on my come-back post! The lasagna looks yummy and I love those sunglasses! I hope you post pictures of you wearing them. They're so cute!

I am kinda with you on the sale I only picked up two things (as opposed to most sales when I get like 5) That lasagne looks delish!

Lasagna is my absolute favorite food. I promise myself each time I walk into an Italian restaurant that I won't order the lasagna because I really need to try new foods. Oh and good choice on the turkey...I cook with it all the time because its healthier than beef but tastes about the same.

carla said...

my husband would adore.
my child would adore.
the two so rarely agree :)


Katie said...

OOOO! I'm glad to hear it was good! What's the recipe if you dont mind sharing? I'm always looking for heart healthy recipes for my dad!

megan said...

Yes, please share the recipe!

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