Sunday, July 25, 2010

CSN and my guestroom!

Just a quick blog for today, as I'm doing house work, cooking meals, etc for the upcoming week. Busy busy!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of CSN by now- So many people in the blogging world are hosting CSN gift cards giveaways and doing reviews on products- I can see why! They have awesome stuff! I'm gathering items for my new lovely guest bedroom an, vanid I found that they had upholstered headboards and slipper chairs just like I envisioned in the room! YAY!!! At good prices, too!

I'm having difficulties picking a chair, though. I need your opinion. Imagine if you will:

Light bluish-gray walls
Gray Duvet and bedding
Accent colors of aqua/light blue and yellows

Now, these two chairs and these two color drapes I LOVE. But, which, IF ANY OF THEM, would look good with the gray bedding?? I have my opinion, but wanted external views. :-) I'm leaning more toward the ivory curtains and a pop of color from the slipper chair.

Drapes by Urban Outfitters- Chairs from


Those drapes are gorgeous! I think you should go with the ivory drapes and a colored chair - I like the blue print, personally. I think the ivory drape just looks richer and will reflect the light into the room better.

Kimberly said...

I love the drapes! I like the white drapes with the blue chair! good luck decorating.

I love the color scheme. Yellow is so unexpected but I love that blue too.

Robin said...

blue and grey with white drapes

mama k said...

Definitely the blue chair!! I love the drapes too... I would go with the white or yellow.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that UO yellow curtain! I saw it on another blog in the baby's room, which was grey and white. It looked completely amazing.

Katie ♥ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DRAPES!!! So beautiful!!! Just so welcoming and comforting, perfect for the guest room!!

I love the blue print chair the best! Ivory drapes would go best with that in the room, hmmmmmmmmm unless you have offwhite walls, or ivory colored walls, then maybe blue drapes and blue chair?!

Love you girl!!!!!!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful color scheme. Like many of the others offering their two cents, I also love the ivory curtains. But I think I acutally prefer the yellow chair. The blue is absolutely beautiful, but I always love a surprising pop of color.

I love the chairs and drapes!!! I want to re-mo my whole house!

I love the ivory curtains! And I like both colors of the chair - I love the blue, but the yellow is pretty and looks good with grey and white as well (for example - did you see Tori Spelling's vow renewal? Her colors were white, grey, canary yellow, and black).

Elz said...

White drapes, yellow chair. I'm doing my guestroom in a gray with white accents and black furniture, so mod. I may throw a little yellow in too.

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