Friday, June 11, 2010

Small, Small blog sale!

Before I post these to e-bay I wanted to post them on my blog in case any of you wanted to snag them. LOL! They aren't anything special- and I still like the items, but I try to go by the rule of "Buy one item, sell/get rid of another" in my closet. it makes things less....clutter-fied!

Please comment or e-mail me if you're interested! I use Paypal :-)

Got a small/medium sized dog? They need clothes!! Brady has outgrown these. He's a 6.5 pound Chihuahua, but has a bigger ribcage- LOL!- All 3 for $8

Forever 21 Button Polo Top- Size Large- $8
This top is Large but you know F21- it runs SMALL. Look at it! This would definitely fit a medium.

The Limited Top- Size Large- $10
Again, this top would fit a Medium OR Large size. Nice material, cute gathered middle on top. Looks cute with grey pants.


Smart to post these here! I NEED to adopt that rule- going to really try to carve out the time to go through my closet soon! Love the pup clothes - a big rib cage? how funny! :)

Katie ♥ said...

Love the blog sale idea! Why are you so smart and beautiful?!!

The sushi was wrapped with cucumber!!! No rice either, its one of my faves!

Come have sushi with me please!!!!! I missed you! Love the wedding pics from your best friends wedding, you looked beautiful and I love your hair curled! Congrats to your friend and her hubby! THey looked amazing!!! Beautiful couple! Beautiful Bride!!!

That rule is a good one! I need to go through my clothes because i have no room! And i loved it's complicated. It was pretty funny!

Wow, that's a good idea to try selling items on your blog! I never thought about doing that. It's like eBay, but people know you.

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