Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ruffled, pintucked and modern....

I think the title can sum up the feel I want for my next house project- that sodding guest room that's currently the computer/exercise room.

I need HELP. Usually I'm good at deciding things for decor, but I just need more opinions and hear what you all have to say and WHY. Here are some photos (some you've seen in earlier posts):

First, an easy decision. I want this pillow win my life, on the bed, no matter WHAT. So..just admire as you skip along past this :-)

I've decided I wanted something neutral, calming and timeless. I've narrowed the duvets/comforters down to two colors: Either a gray or a blue. Out of of these four, which do you all like the MOST and why?

So moving on to window treatments. I want the room to have a statement piece, and these Waterfall Ruffled Curtains from Urban Outfitters (here) are IT. I love this yellow and the aqua blue. I think both go well with gray and aren't TOO, too bold or obnoxious. Any opinion on which color? The second photo is a shower curtain, but the blue looks just like the yellow. Go look on the website...If not these colors...which one?

I'd also like to get an upholstered headboard for the bed frame- to tie everything in nicely, wall art, white leaning bookcase, etc.

I'll be taking before photos soon....Thanks for the help!


Kayla said...

I really like the 3rd comforter. I just think it leaves you with endless options without "darkening" your room. But I am also a blue obsessed person.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Simply Me said...

I love the 4th comforter, I think I want one like that now. It is just so...classy :) Even though I love blue, that particular yellow seems more calming, IMO.
We're in the process of decorating our office/guest bedroom as well. We painted it gray and it is done for most part. I can't seem to find a nice pull out sofa (it might be too cramed with a bed). So at this point that is the only thing missing.

Can't wait to see what you decide to go with :)

Blossom said...

I like the first comforter, because I love that pattern.

Genesis said...

i love all the ruffles and textures. really cute.

Robin said...

I love the third comforter because it looks the most blue and I love me some blue.

I love your idea for curtains! I am OBSESSED with this shower curtain, which is similar:

Very bold, but I love it.

Why not the Flamenco shower curtain from Anthro? It's the same as the one above, but in pastels of blue and light green and white. So pretty. I also saw it on The City the other night in Whitney's apartment!

Brittany said...

I'm loving the ruffles! I think whatever you choose will look so good :)

I love the color palate you have for your bedroom!!! I noticed on "The City" that Whitney had a shower curtain like that and I LOVE IT!!!

Kathleen said...

Ugh I'm horrible at decorating too (I make my sister-in-law do all my decorating). I love the third comforter though - it reminds me of a big fluffy cloud and makes me want to go to sleep immediately!

Val said...

They all look amazing. I love ruffles. Cute blog!

Jess said...

Loving those duvets!! Great finds.


Patricia said...

Where is the fourth comforter from? I'm in the process of redoing my room and I love this style! If I had to choose my favorite I would pick the first anthroplogie one but I wish it wasn't so expensive :(

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the fourth one. PLEASE tell me where its from, i HAVE to have it!! thanksssssss!
(the first one is my runner up)

hey. i, too, LOVE the pink tuck comforter from anthro. so much so that i bought a knock off at pottery barn a couple of years ago b/c it was cheaper. however, i have not been happy with it b/c when it's washed, the pin tucks come unstitched and warps the prettiness of it. maybe that's what i get for not sucking it up and paying for the anthro one but, i think i'd go with the other style instead if i were you....oh, and the one i bought is on my guest bed so it's not even used or washes that often.

My fave bedding option is the last gray one pictured. Love it!

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