Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Friiiiday!!!!! Dress heavy post...

I'm so glad so many of you are participating in my first giveaway- I'm so excited about the prize and can't wait to see who wins next Wednesday- I made it longer than a week to give more peopke a chance to enter. There's not a TON fo people right now, which works in y'alls favor, however ;-)

Question for all you fashion queens out there- Do you get as disappointed as I do when those dresses or gorgeous stiletto pumps you've stalked for MONTHS suddenly go out of stock in your size??

This happens a lot with Anthropologie shopping online. You almost can't even wait for a high-priced popular item to go on sale or else it'll be long gone.

I've had to get a lot of my Antho faves from e-bay months/years after the fact. Just recently I found a Floreat top I had been lusting over since 2008! I found it in my size via e-bay and it's still just as lovely, although the feeling of "new and exciting" has passed.

Or how about when you're broke and suddenly something gets slashed beyond belief to a low sale can't buy the damn thing, because, po'. And it's SUCH a good price...This happens a lot with Macy's clothing for me.

Do any of you use e-bay to search for long-lost items that have slipped through your hands? What's something you've found that you missed out on (Anthro or otherwise)?
Anthropologie's Graphical Dress in Blue is one of my "Damn-it! Sold Out" items. I'm hoping it'll pop back up soon so I can snag it! The other color the dress comes in, orangy-coral, is pretty, but I' already have a coral-y ish dress- plus the blue is Auburn colors...and if you're from Alabama, you know that you're either an Auburn or Alabama fan...I'm really neither, but in order to keep from being hung...I choose Auburn. Shhh....
Also- anyone ever buy this Anthropologie throw-back Dolan dress, called "Ascend Dress"? I really like the way it looks, but not sure about the fit. Seems like it's run too big & blousy on top...Lemme know!
I'm a little late, but I snagged Anthropologie's Reed Shirtdress in green off e-bay! Hope it works- if not, you guys get first dibs!

If anyone hasn't heard of "Hems and Hers" custom made dresses/skirts by Caroline, then you need to! Her blog is here.

You can order a customized dress with any strap, style, fit you can think of!
I haven't purchased anything from her yet, but her work looks so freakin' cute! Usually the Lily-esque dresses aren't my style, but I think everyone should have one of every kind of style(except spandex) in their wardrobe! I saw this print and it has turquoise in it....and paired witht he green it looks so cute! So immediately I knew I needed it, only not strapless- with the girly ONE ruffle strap as seen on the pink dress below it....

Running Update: After 1.5 week hiatus, I finally got my butt back on the treadmill and knocked out my usual 3 miles. This weekend I have a 3 mile run planned and also my "long" 4 miles on Sunday. This coming week my goal is to complete 4.5 miles for one of my runs- and my FIRST 5K is NEXT Saturday!!! Wish me luck!!


Erin said...

I need dresses but I don't know what looks good on it. I am inbetween a size 8 and 10 and I feel like everything just makes me look fat or pregnant. Like the A-line that I used to love before babies I feel like they make me look prego still. Or the tighter dresses I like but feel like they make me look heavy or my arms fat . . any tips I am really lacking in the fashion area after having kids!

Debbie said...

I can definitely relate to looking for things on Ebay for months/years!

For me it's Anthropologie shoes: Scarf-Tied Oxfords, Bouquet of Roses Heels, Budding T-Straps, and Winding Ruffle Boots. I see them in my size 7 or 7.5 every once in awhile but they go for crazy prices! I'm hoping to get them for a reasonable price someday.

I hope you find your blue Graphical Dress! :-)

Thank you, thank you for the shoutout!!!

Alicia said...

I use Ebay a lot to grab things I missed out on! I am currently watching a blouse from Anthro last year that I hope I win and I hope it fits!

mama k said...

Wow! I love the Graphical and Ascend Anthro dresses! Both beautiful!

spiffy said...

we are on the same wavelength- you know my sadness about the Grand Island Dress. sigh.
I am not an ebay winner. I look but rarely get anything I'm looking for. I am envious of others who always flaunt their fabulous finds. I guess I just lack the skill of search.
Enjoy your running!

I still want/need a one shoulder dress. I haven't found one that I love yet.

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