Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm up and running & Anthropologie Sale Day

It's 5:00 a.m. and I'm UP before work for my run! For those you who haven't followed me very long, I'm "training" for the Army 10-miler race in October in D.C., my former place of residence. *sigh* I miss it some days. Others.....not really. It was a fun time and a great place to live off the government's dime...If I had to pay to live there- I'd be broke always.

I'm supposed to be meeting a friend of mine who's also running the race- but she's not answering my texts...Hmmm....Someone still asleep? I think SO. LOL. I'll just hop on the treadmill if that's the case....

Anthropologie SALE DAY- Did anyone score anything good? Leave me a post with the goods you snagged this morning! I'm truly happy nothing on my wishlist went to sale today- I went a little buckwild at J. Crew's 30% off Sale Price, yesterday. *yikes* When that shipment comes in I'll show what I bought.....Sale ends tomorrow, so hurry!

I'm off for my run! Have a great Tuesday....

Update as of 7:22 a.m.- The Alabama hot and humidity got to me this morning. I know I slowed my friend down with running, even though she says I didn't and that we're "doing this together". LOL- We only got in 1.8.......


Anonymous said...

Those Anthro dresses didn't work for me~either one :( I returned both.

I also went buckwild on the J. Crew sale too! Can't wait to see what you got...

I've actually been pretty good during both sales and only got one thing each (hello Lollipop blazer and Meeting Place tank) ... but it's still early, ack!

1.8m is still 1.8m more than anything I've done so far this morning ...

Norwego said...

I'm also having a hard time running in the heat and humidity, and I live in Minnesota!

Kathleen said...

Good for you for getting a run in! We're having crazy humidity in New England so I can't even imagine being in Alabama! Eventually your body just learns to deal with the heat and it gets easier!

Nice job on the run! I was in AL this past weekend - DANG it's hot and I don't miss the level of humidity there. you go girl!!

Thats so awesome that you have a friend to run with in the mornings! I have a friend that I do the same thing with - we even face the issue of someone over sleeping!

So happy to have found your blog mam!

Aw! The first long race I did with a friend was the Army 10 miler last year! Running with a friend is really fun! She's probably just excited to run together whether ya'll's paces are the exact same or not.

Also you might want to practice clapping while running, you'll see why in October ;)

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