Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Target shopping and Valentine's Day!

You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but this morning, I woke up at 4:30 set on going to the gym, but instead- I just drive there. Yeah. Drove there to just see how many people actually go at 5:00 a.m. I know. I'm INSANE, but it really irritates me when lots of people are at the gym, because I either can't get a machine or there's some dummy beside me TALKING ON THE PHONE! No, no! Cell phone at the gym= NO, woman. No.

Anyway- much to my surprise NO ONE was there. Well, ok, one gal was walking in, but I think I finally have a peace of mind to actually get up and go in the mornings from now on. I'm weird, yes, but whatever works.

Also, I was reading an article about exercise, when to workout, yadda yadda, as I've done millions of times- I came across an article and basically it discussed how to get up for a morning workout.....The jist? It said to go to bed- not EARLY- but when you're tired. Pretty simple right? In my mind I guess I thought it would be best if I forced myself to get in bed by 9:00 and hope I fell asleep. Last night I went to bed when I was tired and got up pretty good! try that- tell me if that works for ya. Seems to be the key for me. *Angels sing* FINALLY!!!!
V-Day: I seriously think growing up, I took on my parents' opinions way too much. Don't get me wrong- my parents are freaking awesome, but something as simple as thinking Valentine's Day was a crock- it's that kinda thing I'm talking about.

I can still hear my Mom to this day,"Valentine's Day is so stupid- it's just another money-making gimmick holiday."

BAHA! It sure is. But it can be fun. And now I always tell her that I kind of like this holiday- because it's about LOVE. Not a relationship with a dude. Granted I've only ever had a "boy" Valentine ONCE in all my 26 years on earth...but having my girlfriends as my Valentine's? Well, nothing compares. :-)

My friend, Sheryl, from work is my Valentine (who has been so cute and fun, giving me a gift each day for 7 days. I stuck to tradition and will be giving her a big ass basket of goodies on Friday)...along with my friend Joy and her husband Adam. lol.

I'm traveling from lower Alabama to Birmingham this weekend to visit three of my really good friends, who I miss dearly. I miss them because they are TRUE friends, ones I always have a good time with and can be relaxed and myself around. Apparently there's some Pub Crawl for Mardi Gras going on ($1 Purple Haze anyone??). I'm so there. It beats sitting home, thinking of the one who got away (yeah, long, totally different subject. We won't go down that road, yo...) and watching the movie "Valentine's Day" by myself. Although I really want to see that crap! I'm a sucker!

Fashion: I want these badly for summer....

Seychelles "She's Got The Moves" sandals
They look super hot on the model- much better than just sitting there alone in this photo. Trust me.

I went to Target the other day. They had some really cute stuff! A couple plairs of shoes I thought were cute, a skirt, tops. There were a few pieces that reminded me of my beloved Anthropologie so much- but the quality looked like crap. So I passed on those. Here are the few things I would consider purchasing:

Fuschia pink sandals? Yes, please. Although I despise flats, these work well for spring and summer.
Great color, perfect for layering. Yup.

Ruffles! I love it. Empire waist flatters my body shape as well. I want this in white and the royal purple color.

Hi wedges. I love you.
I just love the ruffles. Wishing the heels weren't......that color? But I do love these. They are a knock-off of Steve Madden ones I believe.
LOST tonight!! All you LOST fans say "WHAT WHAT!" (baha)

Who's your Valentine?


Brittany said...

Oh I love the brown wedges! I give you credit for getting up that early cause there is no way I could do it lol. I'm much better working out around 4 or 5 in the evening. I have ZERO energy in the morning. I hope you have fun this weekend!! :)

I adore the Seychelles sandals, they are so sexy!
And who would have ever thought Target would step up their game so much and have such fabulous shoes? LOVE TARGET!!!

Melissa said...

I ordered those gray Steve Madden knockoffs! They are so cute and a great price!

hola lady! I totally agree with the waking up stuff. I tried to force myself to sleep the first night and I just ended up getting more mad and frustrated and keeping myself up later then usual. And I love that white ruffles shirt! So cute! i'm in love with ruffles lately!

Hubs is my Valentine! I hope you have a great vday!!!!

prettyface said...

@Brittany- Thanks, girl! I think my IDEAL workout time would be about 3:00, but around that time I'm at work still. Boo hoo.

@Blair- Aren't they sexy?? Oh I looove them! Just seeing them in the product photo I wouldn't have wanted them so much, but seeing them on the model....Sooo hot.

@Melissa- What do you usually wear the heels with? I love them so much!

@AdorablyDistracted- Aww you and hubs :-) So cute! What are y'alls plans??

Liz B said...

I went on a little spending spree at Target last week. They have some really cute stuff in.

Well, you're halfway there. At least you made it to the gym! Hubs and I cancelled our gym membership, so now I have to motivate myself to do a video or something.

Luckily, I run so that helps. But I really need to add the strength training back in and step away from the cookies!!

Oh wait, is that a cookie over there???

Blossom said...

WHAT WHAT!!! Lol. I actually really like the last pair of sandals you showed; that pewter colour would go with so much!

Olivea said...

Love the brown wedges! So cute!

Amber said...

I love early morning workouts. If you can get into a habit of doing it, you will start to see a huge difference. It makes such a difference in my day.

Amber said...

PS - Love your blog. Super cute!! :)

Love those brown wedges and LOVE that you are traveling to visit TRUE friends - I hear you on that. :) My valentine is Austin - and Reuben!!!

Elizabeth said...

This makes me want SPRING here!!!! :-) I love target!! Oh, and Valentines Days!

Brittany said...

Love that shirt! I love love love Target!

And I'm the same way about that gym. I hate working out when it's crowded!

Sportsgirl said...

Valentine's Day is awesome. Any excuse to celebrate anything is great in my book. BTW I made that Salsa Chicken recipe you posted a while back and it is awesome. Thanks a lot!

I love Target too! Oh my gosh I am only on season 3 of Lost, I have SO much to do before the last episode!!

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