Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look at all the bright, colorful spring things!!

Oh Anthropologie. You are SO, SO sweet to bring some happiness to my life on this boring, rainy Wednesday afternoon. I added these items into my shopping bag so quick that you could see the smoke from my mouse. Ohhhhh yeah….(I'm at work, so I don't have time to list names and prices, but go check them out on Anthropologie's website.)

I never wear headbands, but I'm pretty sure I'd wear this glitzy, gleamy, girly one!!!

I am So in love with the colors. GAH! orange and watee blue?? Puh-leeese! Money- GONE. I like that necklace specifically for the orange tube top- The model on the website has it on and it looks so gorgeous. *sigh*


Stacy said...

So pretty! I like that necklace. Reminds me of the one I'm GIVING AWAY on my blog!!!

Check it out if you're interested!

Kelly said...

Ohhh, you and Anthro... SUCH a love affair ;-) LOVE the headband and orange top! Hope your day is going well, girl!

Elizabeth said...

I am loving all the bright colors for SPRING!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE That cute bow headband!! :)

I love the bow headband and bright orange top...too cute!!


mrs.mfc said...

I love love love that first dress. GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, That second shirt you posted is perfection!!! I am now buying it too, thanks a lot :)

Brittany said...

You and anthro sure are BFF's! I love the headband, turquoise top and dress :-) I love your taste !

Veronika said...

the headband, the gray top, the necklace! love love love. sigh. Now you're making me want to shop.

Katie ♥ said...

I am LOVING your blog!!!!!! So beautiful and classy like you as I can see!!!! U seem like a pretty awesome girl and I love your goals that you have listed on the side!!!! How cute your dog is!! I have a pug too!! Her name is Starla!! What is your pugs name?

I really love your blog, Im a girlie girl, love pink, and love shopping!!!! I see we like the same things!

Have a great day!

Katie ♥ said...

LOL!! I just realized you do not have a pug, how the hell did I miss that, I thought you did because I saw pics below of and saw a pug in a pic, thought that was a room in your house and your dog, lol!! Your dog is adorable! Now I see what kind of pup you have by your blog header, I got carried away looking at all the fashio stuff I didnt notice! Sorry!!

I love the turquoise top! I like stuff like that shirt that can be worn to work in the summer w/ dress pants or jeans on casual Friay or you can wear on a date or out. I try to think that justifies the purchase LOL!

I think you have spring fever big time! I do too and being stuck in my office today is torture!

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