Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heyyyy triceps? How ya feelin' back there??

Isn't that nasty? BAHAH!! Enjoy.

First- thanks to everyone for their input on the office/second bedroom color. I think I, too, have decided to go with a blue- and of course those frilly curtains! I seriously think about them all the time- They're going to look SO awesme in the blue room! I think I want a vintagy-feel to the room since lately I've been obsessed with all things shabby-chicness and vintage.

Workout: Today's workout was P90X Chest, Shoulders and triceps, and arms are numb. HA!! WHAT a workout of ALL workouts! I hate that I can barely do the different push-up exercises. I feel like I'm not getting a good workout, but, HELLO JENNY, you ARE!! When you can hardly hold a cup up to your mouth 15 minutes into the workout- you're doing fine.

I seriously would recommend P90X to anyone wanting to sculpt muscles and gain strength. If you keep with it, you're going to see improvements in both areas.

Today was a good, happy Monday and I hope the week continues this pattern, and drives me right straight into the weekend :-)

'Tis all for now! Bright and early cardio in the morning. It's legs day!!

Tomorrow is also Anthropologie SALE day! Here's hoping that none of the things in my cart go on sale YET. Not til payday, mmkay?

Holla, ladies!


Glad the P90x is going so well, girl!! You love leg day?! I'm so jealous! haha

Brittany said...

That picture is disgusting lol. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Who would want to look like that?!

Anyways, good for you for doing P90x! I heard it's super hard. I hate doing arms but it's worth it!

I hope you have a great week! ♥

Olivea said...

That picture is absolutely horrifying! Glad you had a good workout!

Veronika said...

i just started P90X too! I think im doing the arms and chest workout tomorrow! ouch!

prettyface said...

Veronika- Just posted to your blog. HAVE FUN WITH THAT TOMORROW!! :-) You'll be fine!

Kelly- Yes, yes, yes, I LOVE leg day! The work is hard, but unlike PUSHUPS, I can actually get through all the reps. ugh. Stupid pushups.

Kelly said...

Ahhh, that picture is hilarious! Gross, hahaha!

That is awesome that your arms were numb (that sounds so funny) because it means you're working hard! Doncha just love a good workout??

patukiii said...

Omg! that photo is real!! it's crazy!

p90x is very hard workout, well done!

I just started my workout with kettlebells this week,I heard so many good things about we will see how it works...


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