Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Loot from Anthro Sale!!!

Morning! What's a sure-fire way to start a Tuesday? Anthropologie fresh cut sale items! I knew eventually a few things on my wishlist would go on sale, and today they did. I snagged up these two things:

Stormy Sea Necklace: I've been waiting and waiting- and waited so long, that the color I originally wanted sold OUT. BUT this color will work with something! I love the bigness and shininess of it all (Original, $48, Sale, $29.95)

Long Winter's nap Chemise: I have no idea why I'm attracted to this so much- because it's comfy and cozy maybe? Winter is over here in Alabama, but I can wear the hell out of this inside the house- and next winter! (Original, $68, Sale, $39.95)Remember the Donna Morgan Chiffon Dress from Nordstrom:

It's now 60% off- Down to $54 from originally $120 or something like that! When I posted about it, it was $81! This is one time I'm so glad I held out to buy it. WOO HOO!! Sale prices make me feel accomplished. baha.

Then I swung on over to JCrew and bought The Jackie cardigan in Breeze (minty green color, basic cardigan) because it, too was on sale for $30. has been for awhile.

All in all- I'm pleased with my purchases. Now...if only my tax return will come in so I can buy those few items from Anthropologie, full price before they go out of stock. Sadly, The Longing For Yellow Dress I asked you guys about- for the wedding in March? It's SOLD OUT in my size right now. I'm hoping that by the time my cash flow comes in, it'll be back- or at least in the store 3 hours away from me. And yes, I'd drive to get it.

Hope you ladies have a fantastic Tuesday!


Kelly said...

Adorable stuff! LOVE the necklace! Too bad about the yellow dress sold out! :-( Have you figured out what color of heels to wear with it? Hope you have a wondeful day! :-)

Christina said...

I just have to say that you have the best taste in clothes! I LOVE everything you posted. I wish we had that store here in Canada. Seems like they have great stuff. Have a great day!


prettyface said...

Kelly- Still no clue what shoes to wear with the yellow dress, but I DO know if I can get my hands on the dress, I wanna go with something non-expected for shoes....

Christina- Well, thanks girl!! I'd like to think my taste in style is good. I'm not a big "trendy" gal- I like more classic pieces mixed with FUN. Anthropologie is such an awesome store and have lovely vintage-like clothing. If you're ever near one GO IN :-)

what fun stuff!!! LOVE it all!!!

makes me want to go shopping :)

Olivea said...

Love the necklace! I bought a knockoff version of it from Forever 21, but it is black and green. Love the colors in your necklace much better!

JMay said...

So cute, thanks for posting. I love love LOVE Anthro :-)

Your blog is great, so glad I stumbled across it, now following! :-)

Meredith said...

I love the necklace! That is beautiful!

I love your taste, girl!! the necklace is beautiful and those dresses are MINE - i'm tres jealous... :) I'm sorry to hear about it being sold out.. grrrrr.

prettyface said...

Fittingbackin: GUESS what Kel? The dress in BACK IN STOCK! WHOOT WHOOT. Anthropologie is good at getting sizes back in. Besides, the dress is too new to be out already! :-) Now if only my tax return will come on so I can buy it!

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