Monday, January 18, 2010

Parties, drinks and finger food time.....OVER

Oh thank you government job for allowing me ANOTHER day off to rest and recuperate from SATURDAY'S housewarming party...

It was a hit- I'm pleased. Had around 15 people show up- I invited about 21. To be honest it was probably the perfect amount. When I throw parties, I get anxious when I can't get around to spend quality time with everyone. I need more patience. That's for sure. How do you all feel when you throw parties? Do you always feel pulled in different directions?

Brady is trying to find a sunspot in the house to suntan in- It's not cold here in Lower Alabama today! It's wamring up- and Spring is around the corner down this way. I hope. I love cold weather and cute wintery clothes, but Spring is Lovely....

I only seemed to "gain" 2 pounds since Saturday- and considering the amount of alcohol and good food consumed- *tsk tsk*- I'm OK with that. Flip cup is not for people watching their weight. ;-) But, hell, it's fun...I am back up on that wagon today, however. I know I'm really unhappy with my body when I don't want to take photos because my fat looks bloated. I love taking photos- but Saturday I tried to avoid them. There were a few "decently" OK ones, I'll share:

This was at the end of the night- and I was the crazo who takes random photos with other peoples camera. Love those people right?
Before the party started
My Mom and I
Marion and I trying to remain champions at beer pong.

WORKOUT: Going to try and make it to the gym this afternoon. I can't promise myself that, though. I bet that gym is overcrowded today with holidayers. We'll see.

Boring post, yes. More intyeresting stuff later. I'm going to make some breakfast at 10:16 in the morning. Little late, aye?


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, I am so awful at both flip cup and beer pong!!

The picture of you and your mom is too cute!

And, I saw your comment about invitations - I'd love to help! Do you have a theme or color scheme?!

Elizabeth said...

Rosie does the same thing Brady does!! Finds the spot in the house where the sun is shinning funny....and Rosie has that same position too!!! SUPER CUTE! I just know they would love each other!!!! You look cuper cute in your going out photos!! Your hair is PERFECT!! And that necklace!!! SO wonderful!

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