Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here I am in South Carolina....

Guess it doesn't matter if I say where I am, as I am a nomad for the next 6 months. *sigh* I've been crying for the past three days.  That's just who I am folks. A 25-year-old woman, who, although loves to travel and visit different places, has come to realize she is a southern girl at heart.  I miss my family and friends already.  You don't realize how much you love the friends you grew up with until you live without them...Don't think the thought of turning my car around on the interstate didn't cross my mind today, because it did. Oh, it did.

I'm staying the night in a stupid ass hotel in South Carolina.  I picked it out, and it really isn't as bad as I make it seem, but it's lonely.  

Thank goodness for my new GPS system *thanks MOM!!* and it's abilities to find Subways. lol. Subways as in...the food.  

Tomorrow morning I leave for D.C.  Should I be scared? Because I am.  For one, the traffic. Yikes.  

I am looking forward to gym time at the hotel.  It's ben so long that I'm ashamed!!! :) I refuse to let the excuse of "too busy" come into play this week, even if I have to wake up at 5am.  I can tell I've gained a few.  I'm for sure coming back home for a wedding in June and would like to have dropped 10 pounds by then.

In other news: I miss you blogger ladies!!!!  What's new?? I need to go read your updates right now! Take care!



I feel for you and you will be in my prayers!!
We just came through DC yesterday and the traffic wasnt bad so don't worry!!
Remind me again what all you will be doing in DC and where you will be staying?

Nerd Girl said...

ahh moving is hard for sure, but eventually you will settle in. hang in there girly!! thanks for the sweet words earlier :-)

Miss Pretty :( I'm thinking happy thoughts for you- you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Just focus on all of the good that is going to come from this- all of the amazing adventures and wonders that are waiting to take place!

Will be good for you to get back to workouts and feel like you've got control over something in your life.

One thing at a time lady. This too shall pass.

Amazing awaits!



I can't imagine strong girl!! I'm sure you'll do seem like such a strong woman!!! :)


Brittney said...

Hey! Maybe I have missed something.... but, why are you moving to DC?? Fill me in, girl. Good luck to you.

I tagged you on my blog!! Can't wait to see your answers:)

Meagan said...

I hope things are going well!

Stop by my blog to get your surprise!!

Kari said...

First off I love your new tat. Super cute. And I know what your feeling. When I moved away from all of my family and friends I felt the same way. I actually used exercise as a way to keep myself busy, along with reading. It takes some time to adjust as I'm sure you already know. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

U go girl... get in that gym! I'm starting back today!! =)

hope all's well, have been thinking of you in this time of transition and praying for you.

each day dawns but once. chin up and make the best of every day you're handed :)


Oh no - sorry SC sucked so bad. I hope that you're enjoying DC!!! Hang in there - can't wait to hear about your adventures! So glad you have a GPS by the way!

Go visit my blog for a surprise! =)

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