Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Update

I've been horrible about posting. Guess I've had moving, packing, etc on my mind. I missed Body Pump class Thursday night (weather sucked that night. Was stormy and rainy. gross.) and this morning because I NEEDED to sleep in. Feels good!

No updates on the workouts or diet. With the move coming up I haven't been too strict on myself. I know there will be farewell dinners and get-together's and frankly, I really don't need to worry about calories going straight to my hips and just enjoy it all.

I realized last night as I sipped my Pinot Noir, that this was the last weekend in my apartment. Next weekend I'm going home for the weekend, see a few friends, the weekend after moving out and moving IN with a gal from work and finally, the weekend after that I'm taking my ass home sweet home for a whole week! Good times are to be had I'm sure. A lot of the time will be spent seeing my grandfather. He's not doing so well. Had cancer removed from his arm that he let sit there for YEARS....he's lost so much weight, and I haven't seen him, and I hate seeing my family hurting. He was recently released from the hospital last week and is home, but still has pain from what I understand. I hate talking about it, so let's move on. Just wanted to update.

I love to shop, like most normal women, and I always look at Anthropologie's earrings and jewelry wishing I had them. And I will put down some dolla dolla bills for LOTS of things and can justify buying most anything, but I just cannot justify paying $130 for these:
or those......*sigh* haha They are so cute though.

AND these L.A.M.B shoes. I think they are totally cute, but some would disagree, I know :-)

I need to get some breakfast so my stomach will quit yelling at me. Probably put on Season 1 of Dexter and finish it up. I'm loving that show! New fan, right here.

P.S. I think Brady has cabin fever this morning. LOL


BLC :o said...

Awe! Such a cute post. Enjoy your last days in the apt and good luck moving. And, those earrings are darling!!! But not as cute as your pup! Xoxo-BLC

love the first pair of earrings- darnit anthro- why do you have to be so $$$$ all the time?!

hooray for the weekend and kick some fanny moving- and hey- that is activity, even if it's not treadmill time!


Erin said...

Good luck moving and seriously enjoy and revel in everything this week to make it a memorable one:-)

I just stumbled across your blog and I must say your blog is very inspiring. Especially seeing how recently I fell off the fit train, look forward to reading more about your healthy journey. =)

Brady is SUCH a doll! Love it!! I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather... boo. I hope you have a fab weekend at home - and good for you for recognizing all of the fun you're about to have - no restrictions necessary! :)

Ruggy13 said...

I love Brady! Sooo Cute!

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