Sunday, March 1, 2009

What if i told you it was all meant to be?

*sigh* How I love this American Idol moment. There's never been a season like Kelly's season. I actually skipped over every season after that until Chris Daughtry's season, which was second best in my opinion. I begin with this flashback of kelly's win. I get goosebumps as she gets more and more emotional. :-) Awww....

Alright, SO....I went shopping this lovely Sunday and bought some shoes and a cute tote. The tote and shoes were from Forever 21. They were STEALS, I tell you!! Check it out:
I wanted the shoes in cream (picture from Forever 21), but they were out of my size :( May buy them later. I bought the tote (for $1.50!!) because I collect owls. They're Chi Omega's mascot (my college sorority). bangles were $4.80 or something.

I have been craving a burger for days!! I thawed some turkey meat and popped those babies onto my George Foreman grill machine, sanwiched it between an Arnold's sandwich thin, and added mustard and onions. It was fantastic!! Low carb, high protein. A++. I also treated myself with kettle Chip's Spicy Thai chips. Just a few :) Overall for today I was about 60 g short of my usual protein, but overall I did well!

This is my gym at work! It's teeny! I'm always the only one in there on the weekend, so I snapped this picture. On the far wall is a mirror, so it only looks bigger than it is :) 4 treadmills, one elliptical (my jacket's hanging on it) and a couple stair machines...oh, and bikes. I hate those bikes. haha

I hate to say it but tomorrow is Monday. Yes, ladies, I hate to bare bad news. I can't say I'm too happy about it, but each day that comes and goes brings me one day closer to seeing my girl BRITNEY in concert in Atlanta!!!!! GOSH DANG I am so excited and pumped. Lots of pictures will be posted I assure you. I have kick ass seats! It's Thursday! So Thursday get here SOON!



Erin said...

Um I just cried at my computer to that video

Big Pissy said...

I agree: there's never been another season like Kelly's season.

Those shoes are gorgeous!!!!! You MUST have them in cream!!!! :)

Okay how DO you walk in those!!!? They are so pretty, but I do think I would break my neck ^o^

Hey you still haven't told us what you do????

THat burger looks yummy :)

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That time I interviewed Britney
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