Saturday, February 28, 2009

I must confess....

... that I had 7 Mich Ultra's, a bowl of Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream and (organic!) olive oil and basil french fries. All of the above is NOT on my dietary list of "CAN EATS". HA!! I don't feel as bad as I thought I would, this morning. I worked hard this week, and although there were no changes when I went to weigh myself and take measurements, I'm OK with that. It's been one week since I've been back at it hard. I still have two whole months to reach my goal of dropping (on the high end) 18 pounds. :-) Today is back on the wagon with a great cardio and leg workout, a new halibut recipe and relaxation!

On e-bay (my fave!), I found DVD's from P90X being sold separately. Ones peaking my interest: Plyometrics and Abs. I bet those are both KILLER! Since I can do most all of those moves on my own, I saw no need to buy the whole set. Anyone can do exactly what he does and get the same results. It just takes hard work and a certain sequence of moves.

Breakfast yesterday was good, at least. Egg whites plus one egg mixed with sprinkling of cheddar cheese, onions and pepper. On the side, a turkey sausage link. Yes...LOVE those. A little high in sodium, but every once in awhile is OK. I was also craving some OJ! I can't usually drink it because of the sugar content, but I broke down and decided I need some.

This is a short one for today. I need to step away! from the computer screen and live real life for today! Sometimes I feel like I'm always on the internet (shopping, doing work, browsing, blogging...etc.).

Have a great Saturday!


*Irene* said...

Samoa ice cream will get your every time, I had to toss mine (I bascially ate it all anyway). It's ok once and awhile. Your brekie looks yummy. Have a wonderful weekend.

you gotta do that once in a while!! :)

and it sounds like you're already back to your plan!!

Anonymous said...

dont sweat it! a girls gotta eat cookies n ice-cream every once in a while!

hehe I know what you mean - i'm a bit addicted to the laptop... Austin has to pry it out of my hands!

Breakfast looks yum - and those fries sound amazing, too! Still perplexed that girl scounts make ice cream!

SLJ said...

I just finished a fitness bootcamp (killer!) but I asked my instructor about P90X and she said her friends have it and it was really good, especailly the ploymetrics workout. So if its a steal I would def go for it!

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