Friday, July 18, 2014

Jenny's doggy hotel!

Long time no blog!

Y'all I'm dog sitting this week and also all of next week. Wait, let me back up...I'll actually have at least ONE extra dog in my home, that I do not own, from now until July 28th and I love it!

I joined Rover and one other dog sitting service a few months after I first moved to the Charleston, SC area and my "business" has REALLY picked up the past six months. I started just to have something to do with all the free time I spend sitting at home. I figured I could at least be making some money while doing something I enjoyed. And we all know I love a dog.

I'm watching Winston until Sunday and the poor baby has horrific allergies. Hot spots, raw spots all over him. His parents have tried special food, fish oil and Benadryl, among all the other things their vet suggested. When he was first dropped off with me, he was pretty nippy, but that all changed once I got home from work the same day and he wanted to be walked. Mmm Hmm. I see how it works, Winston.
Winston in all his cone and "cape" glory.
Stella is being dropped off Saturday and I'll have her for nine days. Next WEDNESDAY a pug and a Boston will be joining our house full. lol. It all sounds chaotic, but really it's a fun, fairly simple gig. Just love on some dogs.

I do highly suggest if you're looking for a pet sitter or want to pet sit yourself. You can use my referral code. I think I may get $20 off a stay for my pets if you sign up through me, and you also get $20 a stay for yours. Totally worth a shot, especially in bigger areas that have a need for reliable, kind people to watch other people's pets. My special referral sign-up page can be found HERE.

Just thought I'd share what I'll be up to for the week or so.

Also getting a MUCH needed pedicure tonight with a friend from work. My feet like like they were puked on and ran over. Gross.


What do your dogs think? Mine sweet girl doesn't want another dog around me :-(

I'd love to love on a new dog every week - it's like test driving a new car.

LOVE your new blog layout. So pretty! That would be a great way to make extra cash. Sounds like it's fun.

Oksana said...

wow...amazing blog<3

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Aw!! I love dogs!! So cute!

xx Chelsea

Jast Vape said...
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